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How Not to Get Fooled by Home Staging Tricks When Buying a House

Sellers and their real estate agents know that often the decision to buy a home hinges on emotional factors like appearance. For this reason, savvy sellers stage their homes to make them look more appealing. According to House Logic, staged homes sell up to 30 times faster than ones with no staging. While home staging tactics highlight the homes’ best features, often, sellers use them to distract buyers from potential problems. While the issues may not be deal breakers, you will do well to be on the alert for the common home staging tricks.


You can expect most of the homes you visit to have curtains, many of them new, to give a fresh look to the interiors. Instead of admiring them, you should take a peek behind them to reassure yourself that they are not hiding any issues in the walls or windows behind them. You should be more on alert if the curtains do not hang right. For example, a curtain rod right below the ceiling may give the appearance of larger windows or taller walls.


While a rug can add warmth to a room or break up the space, you should be more cautious if you see too many attractive rugs strewn around. Lifting them to find out if they cover damaged or stained floors can be a good idea. You should lift the rug if you see it in an unexpected place to find out if it is hiding a defect or damage in the floor, observes a leading we buy houses in Chicago real estate investment company.


You will what to look carefully into the size and location of the furniture, especially if you see them placed oddly or in unusual positions. The problem could be as simple as a scuffed or torn carpet hiding below the sofa. You may also see some sellers using undersized furniture to make a small room look bigger, which can potentially turn off a buyer. While a wall-to-wall bed can seem inviting, you should find out if you have enough storage space or if the closet doors bang against the bed. You should try to critically assess each room in the house to see if you can use it for its intended purpose for your family.

Mirrors and Lights

If you see a large mirror in any of the rooms, check out if it is a ploy to make the room look bigger. You can try placing a cloth over the mirror to see how big the room looks. Also, make it a point to switch off the lights to find out how much natural light it receives. A brightly lit room may indicate less natural light than you desire. Be suspicious of light fixtures set into the ceiling because it could be a trick to de-emphasize a low ceiling.


Home sellers commonly stage their homes to make them more attractive, and most tactics are relatively harmless. However, being alert can help you to avoid issues that can pose problems later. If you do notice issues you are not comfortable with, you should discuss them with the agent before moving forward.


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