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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Social Media App in 2022?

Social media are one of the traffic-driven platforms where you can gain more audience and a perfect platform to promote the product and services of your business.

When any business is in the initial phase, the business owners want to promote their business so that they can reach a wider audience and promote their business to ensure more profit and growth. If you are a business owner and thinking of developing a social media app for your business but are worried about the development cost.

This blog post will help to give you the estimated cost to create a social media app in 2022.

Cost To Create A Social Media App In 2022

App Complexity

One of the important factors that affect the cost of social media app development is the app’s complexity. Developing a basic or advanced social media app will cost you between $10,000-$80,000.

This cost is based on specification, add-on features, UI/UX design, and any other modification you want to integrate into the app.

Choosing the Right Platform

There are three platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows, on which an app can be developed. But as a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to look after your audience and what platform they use preferably.

Based on their usage, you can develop an app. The cost may differ for all three platforms.

App’s Designing

App designing is one of the crucial factors that affect the social media app development cost. UI/UX design in an app should be implemented in such a manner that it looks interactive and engaging to the users.

Hiring a UX/UI developer for your social media app design can cost you between $1500-$2000. A good app design always helps users to understand your business and retain the user for a long-time and increase traffic.

Developers Location

You can find plenty of developers across the globe. This is your choice which location would you opt to avail of social network app development services. Different locations would have a different costs.

Hiring an Android developer from the US will cost you around $120-$170, whereas hiring an iOS developer from the same country will cost you around $100-$150.

Depending upon your budget and criteria, you can choose your location and hire a developer for your social media app.


Hopefully, this post has helped you in knowing the cost to create a social media app in 2022. You can connect with the social media app development company and proceed with your development process ahead.

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