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How Much Do Used Tires Cost?

Buying used tires is an excellent way to save money, needless to say selling these stuff is also a great way to earn extra dollars. It is not always true that used tires are worn out, if you have used tires in good condition, then there are chances that you will make decent money out of them. However, if you are on the other side and looking to buy used tires, then you should consider specific factors that can affect the cost.

Some used tires come with an alluringly cheap price tag, and although there are pricey ones considering the brands not all of them can cost a lot. You can even get the used Michelin tires in the reasonable price range if you do a little research.  The factors that affect the price include initial price, type, tread depth, number of years it has been used and the number of tires you look for. When you are looking for more than one, you can bargain on the same.

Factors that affect the cost

The initial price of the tire is the first factor that has to be taken into account when you are looking for used tires. When it is low, you can be happy that used tires can come for a price that makes your wallet happy. Used Michelin tires cost more than $100, for the original tires are quite highly priced. But if the original tire of other brands is $100 worth, then you can get used one for $30. High-performance tires are meant to work ruggedly. They last for years, and hence they are high priced, even if they are used already. The same is the case with the snow tires that are designed to hold the roads even when the path can only let the sleigh deer. So, it is no wonder you find them just a tad less than the original tires available in the market.

Go for safety over price

The tread determines how safe the tire is to use. Only reputed shops that sell used tires give you tires that have a tread depth of 10/32. At times, when you need to go for individual owners you should never go for tires less than the tread of 5/32 left. Legal minimum allowed is 2/32, but still, you cannot go for something with 4/32 tread left. Tires have a date code, and you can read them from the sidewalls. Take a moment to find if they are older than 8 years. Rubber can crack over this period of time. Stick to tires that are less than 8 years old, even if you get them for attractive prices. Only if you want to resell your car, then old tires can be considered.

It is quite natural that many people would look for safe choices even with the used tires. If you want good brands at low prices, and you have found used Michelin tires from a reputed seller, then go for a full set or at least for two of them and try to ask for a discount instead of buying only one.

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