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How Cloud Can Help You Improve Customer Experience In Accounting Business

The cloud has helped businesses efficiently leverage their resources and grow their profits, making it an indispensable part of their infrastructure for multiple industries.

One of these industries is the accounting sector – where the latest technological advancements in cloud computing have dramatically revolutionized their internal working. Apart from accounting tasks, it also helps them improve in other crucial areas, such as handling customers. By integrating the cloud into their organization, accounting businesses can provide better services to their clients for memorable customer experience.

Here are a few ways through which the cloud can help accounting businesses improve their customer experience: 

1. Instant Availability

Imagine it is a typical working day, and you have scheduled a meeting with your clients. However, due to certain reasons (a sudden board meeting or a personal emergency), you cannot meet them. On the other hand, your client finally rushes to your office only to find you unavailable. Disappointing, isn’t it? 

In locally installed accounting solutions, one of the most restricting drawbacks is limited accessibility.

Investing in the cloud allows you and your client to be free from these hassles. Since the cloud is inherently developed to be accessible remotely, all you need is a valid authorization and a web browser to access your accounting data from anywhere, anytime. 

This way, instead of waiting for you, your clients can easily access and update their data remotely for you to process, allowing you to offer your services accordingly and letting them enjoy an enhanced customer experience. 

2. Multi-User Support

During accounting operations, one has to process an extensive and relatively complex information base. Sometimes, you may have to work directly with the client and modify data according to their preference. And that’s where things can become a little complicated for them. 

Relying on traditional data sharing methods leads to a high degree of data redundancy and file processing complexities. Your client has to deal with multiple copies of the same file, making things hard for them as they spend a considerable time searching for the recently updated one. This ultimately makes things frustrating for them and slows down the collaboration. 

However, with the cloud’s centralized database and real-time data updates, you can easily solve this problem. With its real-time data update capability, any changes that are made get reflected immediately. And since the database is centralized, all changes are made in the original file, eliminating the need to transfer the same file repeatedly.

3. Sturdy Data Security

An accountant deals with diverse critical information about their clients in his every day work-life. They have to handle social security numbers, bank account information, transaction statements, etc., causing considerable damage to a client’s financial integrity if accessed by malicious personnel. Also, it ruins their relations with the firm and sets a bad example of customer experience

With the cloud, you can effectively safeguard your client’s data and provide assuring customer service. Information stored on the cloud is housed in remote data centers, which are monitored continuously by physical security. Also, there is round-the-clock CCTV coverage with biometric authentication for personnel. 

The servers conduct periodic security checks, use data encryption, and employ the latest antivirus and malware software for data safety. This greatly minimizes data theft chances and improves customer reliance by keeping their valuable data safe and sound.

4. Personalized Solutions

Nowadays, accounting is just more than crunching numbers and handling bank statements. It has transformed from passively keeping accounts to actively devising financial strategies for better resource utilization. Instead of waiting for an issue to crop up, customers want a proactive solution to their problems. And this is where the cloud gives your clients the edge they need and keeps them ahead in this tough economy.

Since all the data can be remotely updated and accessed, you can analyze it at a comparatively faster rate. Also, reputed service providers offer big data analysis and AI applications for providing you tailor-made accounting solutions. 

Using them, your accountants can easily identify past trends in your financial activities and monitor your organization’s fiscal health. It also allows smooth integration of other software like CRM applications for further personalized user experience. 

5. Speedy Customer Engagement

When a client engages with a customer care executive, they come with certain expectations. Instead of waiting endlessly on a phone call, they want prompt attention. However, employing traditional methods for handling customer queries is inefficient and does not provide a pleasant customer experience. The cloud increases your reach and allows you to provide speedy customer engagement and reduce their waiting time drastically.

Instead of using phone lines to facilitate communication between the customer and your executive, you can use a cloud-based phone system. It employs a VOIP for rapidly routing and attending customer calls. 

You can also integrate a CRM software, so instead of waiting to retrieve information from the necessary department, you can access the central data pool itself. This way, you can access their data in a blink of an eye and handle them correspondingly. You can also host IVR services to decrease the hold time and automatically transfer your client to the required personnel.


Faster customer engagement, robust data security, remote accessibility, and custom-made financial solution: these are some of the benefits your customer experiences when you embrace cloud technology. Moving your accounting business to the cloud customarily brings innovation within your organization and helps you improve customer service and experience. 

So, when you want to create a large customer following with happy and satisfied customers at its core, cloud computing is there to guide you through it.

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Sharad is a technical content writer at Ace Cloud Hosting - a leading provider ofATX tax software hosting. He specializes in writing about accounting, cloud technology, tax software and is passionate about reading science-fiction books.

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