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How Can Designers Understand Users Using Psychology Methods?

Some people think that design is completely an art. But the truth is, a design is much more than that. The noun of splendor is never enough. Designers have to possess the necessary knowledge and the skills to master their work. But design is not just related to art. It is closely related to different fields of science. It is not only the art of design, it’s also about various fields of information, practice and knowledge. For designers, another aspect to understand is psychology. Psychology plays an influencing role in the artistic field of design.

One has to understand the audiences, culture, the deeper meanings of the art and its probable impact on the public.

Design is often defined as a way of communication. It is more than just aesthetic beauty. It creates bonds, develops communication between the designer, the public, and the design. A designer through his or her design shares his or her views, emotions, opinions, feelings to the audiences. The public often gets inspired, motivated through innovative, influential art. It can affect someone positively as well as negatively. One does have to be the master of psychology to connect through design development.

Along with psychology, science is also relevant. The color, size, shape, texture and other aspects of art also count. A designer has to understand what pleases the human eye, what creates an illusion.

The techniques that evolved according to the nature of human eye are :

  • Closure: Closure is one of the many techniques that are based on human eye’s nature to able to see the closed shapes. This particular technique works if only, an object is incomplete. In spite of being incomplete, the viewer sees it as full.
  • Proximity: When a number of objects are placed very close to one another, our eyes see it as a whole group.
  • Figure: This principle shows that the human eye can separate objects from the background. Visceral Reactions are another aspect of the human behavior that designer should understand.

They should also know about the psychology of different kinds of colors, the emotions that arise from different colors. For example, orange is a warm color that brings feelings of joy. Yellow is a happy color. Green signifies innocence. While blue exposes calm and sad feelings, the color black a number of meanings. It can mean tragedy, mystery, evil, tradition, modernism or even death. Patterns are yet another part of art and designs, one should master the types and techniques of pattern and illusion they create.

A designer first has to decide what type of emotion he or she wants the target audience to feel and experience. According to that the color, pattern, design, proximity, and closure effect will be created. There are hundreds and thousands of psychological principle, scientific calculations and the biological tendency of a human body that designers have to understand. The art of making viewers experience what you are feeling is difficult enough. For that, an artist has to be dedicated, passionate and determined.

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