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Here’s How to Come up with a Perfect Digital Marketing Plan for B2B Companies

The amazing truth about digital marketing is that marketers have a lot of data at their fingertips. This big data can be used to fine-tune their business strategies and adopt the best practices for targeting their demographics.

But most of the data available online is mostly tailored to B2C marketing. It is simply irrelevant for B2B companies who are eager to find the best strategies for targeting their corporate audience.

Since using some B2C strategies can help B2B companies to some extent, but they can’t reach to new heights of success by using the exact same tactics B2C businesses use. The way they search for new products or services is totally different. They are not simply buying for themselves but they are buying for their CEO, digital marketer, marketing team and the whole company.

Moreover, they have a strict budget, profit margins and business objectives that they need to adhere to. That shows that you have to grab the attention of a totally different audience whose priorities are different.

B2C marketing strategies can’t simply work for this type of business audience. To create an effective digital marketing strategy, B2B companies need to carefully understand where their customers actively present online, how they research products, their behavior, shopping habits, factors that influence their purchase decisions and the type of promotional content they’ll prefer to read.

Now’s the time to focus on some big data or statistics that are relevant to B2B businesses. Read these simple tips that help you create a winning digital marketing strategy for your B2B company and target business customers online.

Mobile Audience

Just like Google is making mobile search a high priority, B2B businesses should too. It is estimated that 54% of B2B marketing emails are opened on mobile, which is a clear sign that consumers prefer mobile over their desktops even their business hours. Similarly, the trope that only LinkedIn is an effective medium for B2B companies is inaccurate, these days, Instagram is the performing well and showing the incredible interaction rates for B2B marketers.

Young Buyers

One of the biggest reasons for massive mobile usage and Instagram interactions is that buyers and researchers belong to the younger generation. More than half of B2B researchers are millennials and you have a better idea about the buying power of millennials. Therefore, carefully think about adapting your B2B marketing strategy for millennial, digitally focused and socially active B2B audience.

B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is a more successful tactic than it was a few years ago. 85% businesses reached new heights of success because of quality of content and it’s very clear that B2B businesses are finding winning strategies for distributing their content. If content is not a main part of your digital marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity or falling behind your competition.

Content marketing is indeed the best strategy that can take your brand ahead of your competitors, so make content a priority now especially in a competitive market like the FM digital LED signs industry. But keep in mind that measuring success and creating a solid content distribution strategy is key to successful content marketing.

Concluding it All

Following these simple yet effective tips will surely help B2B marketers to come up with a solid digital marketing plan for your business.

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I am a professional Brand Strategist working at Branex UAE - Digital Media Design Agency in Dubai. He loves to write a blogs on , ,



  1. Defoe

    September 15, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    Some companies think that creating a digital marketing plan is easy and sometimes it is.

    But creating an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy needs to be carefully planned and organized. A digital marketing strategy has become one of the key elements to ensure that your company will engage with your audience in an effective way from the very beginning. Thank you for this great article!

  2. Elisa

    September 27, 2017 at 11:31 am

    A lot of marketers may have forgotten that as of now, a lot of searches happened on a mobile. Age bracket has something to do with Instagram’s growth. Just now, IG active users reached 800million, so for marketers, it is time to take advantage of Instagram. Thanks for great article.

  3. Robert Spector

    July 9, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    Hi Muneeb, Great insight for fellow marketers. Being a representative of a database company, I know that the key to a successful marketing campaign is data. Whether its email marketing or Account Based Marketing(ABM), or some other marketing technique. As the B2B industry has more informed users compared to B2C industry, Data is the main element to target the right audience and convince them.

  4. Vivek

    February 9, 2020 at 10:43 am

    Nice article Muneeb, Thanks for sharing these valuable points.

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