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Health Data Storage Policies Scrutinized For Security Faultiness

Warehoused deep within the dark basement of an IT firm or business looms a majestic playground where mystical machines in large quantities process the daily movements of employees, internet aficionados and save mass amounts of data for later usage.  Starting out in large rooms that were outlandishly styled and consistently watched over by technicians, the data storage concept has grown tremendously over the years to include expansions of one company’s infrastructure across several cities to back up data and allow for easier customer access without single server loads.  With larger centralized data areas providing lackadaisical data storage policies in dire need of rewritten verbiage consistent with info-warehousing needs, healthcare information providers such as eHealthMe are becoming increasingly scarce, especially when people are fretting over HIPAA compliance.  We delve into the technological concern with healthcare companies and securing data centers.

Faulty Wiring Creates Security Leaks

Today’s standard of wiring for data storage facilities calls for more scalable yet modular wiring configurations to replace the higher voltage direct current power eaters.  Instead of having a vested interest in replacing wiring throughout datacenters, many smaller IT firms simply avoid the costs completely by placing fans in larger rooms to cool wiring down or cut off the company central air unit to reduce voltage strain.   The more wattage flagrantly used, the harder other components must work.

Having many uninterruptable power sources in place for data storage is also lacking which drives up costs and could potentially leave datacenters susceptible to electromagnetic surges during massive storms and prevent wiring from overheating especially if relying upon older CAT cables for connectivity.

Proper Cooling For Data Storage

Data storage centers that do have cooling devices have improperly planned the location of cooling systems, which only benefits those rack servers closest to the cooling source.  When an uneven distribution of cooling is an issue, server farms can become problematic in carrying out commands or even staying properly operational especially if one server relies on the actions of another.  Inadequately placed ducting to deliver air, and no cold air return in place, can also cause wasted electricity as the cooling unit will need to strain to produce cool air when no return source exists.  Good news for those simply seeking in-depth drug safety information: On eHealthMe, healthcare professionals and patients can study 40 million latest outcomes of 45,000 drugs, vitamins and supplements dating back to 1977 from FDA and community, providing cooled servers remote and safe from prying eyes or security breaches.

Structural Integrity Equals Security

Lackadaisical planning in data storage facilitation creates problematic environments apart from normalized hacking, data loss or other monstrosities.  Since secure storing relies heavily on environment, IT companies and general business workplaces must concentrate on inner atmosphere along with safeguarding measures.  For example, keeping mediocrely sized data storage facilities cooled with keyed access would prevent physical data impairments while allowing only a singular employee access to a storage facility each, under NDA, would allow secrecy and security to be upheld.

Writing The Policy

Rewriting your data storage policy, especially when cloud-based platforms are being introduced, is now more important than ever before.  Instead of fretting over expansion, companies need to thoroughly evaluate where, why and how information is facilitated and adequately plan secured data storage.  When speaking of technologically securing facilities responsible for healthcare information which comes with HIPAA expectations, or simple FDA drug safety information which eHealthMe has perfected 35 years and counting, policies conducive to infrastructural demands should come first and foremost.

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Posted by Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site



  1. Franklin

    January 8, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    This issue will be huge as time progresses. It used to be troops on ground, now it’s all cyber. It sad that cost is a factor in stopping this issue.

  2. santosh Kumar

    June 11, 2013 at 11:44 am

    Nice blog.

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