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Getting into the Funeral Business: Are you the Right Man for the Job?

A funeral business is definitely not the right job for everyone. The thoughts of starting the business is very easy but getting it to perfection is difficult indeed.

The business does come with a host of monetary benefits but at the same time, it also comes with a hectic schedule which might not be apt for everybody. So are you the right man for the job?

We are going to provide you with a few situations in reality that the funeral directors face almost every working day. You can base your answers on these after you go through the entire set as closely as possible. Let’s begin.

What should be the duties and the skills of a successful funeral director?

A funeral director’s job is never easy. Since death is uncertain in reality, the timing of his/her job is also based on uncertainty. S/He might have to work at odd times of the day depending on the circumstances and also needs to work with complete vigilance and dexterity to get the job to perfection.

  • A funeral director needs to be an excellent communicator. S/He should also be a good listener. S/He has to manage people from a number of traditions and cultures and hence, s/he is naturally expected to listen to them as closely as possible and carry out their instructions accordingly by keeping their traditions in mind.
  • The funeral director must possess a caring attitude. After all, s/he has to deal with a sensitive subject which is death itself. At the same time, s/he also needs to be emotionally strong such that s/he is not swayed away by other people’s distress or emotions. Job’s the priority.

The usual tasks of a funeral director include things like:

  • S/He needs to speak to the family of the deceased and make funeral arrangements according to their instructions and traditions.
  • S/He might have collaborated with the cemetery workers and the clergy to complete various other formalities for the job. S/He might also have to write up an obituary according to the requirement.
  • S/He needs to keep a detailed list of the things that come with the body. S/He must also keep a record for his/her own reference and ensure that everything is right on the money.
  • All clearances related to the occasion needs to be obtained as soon as possible. S/He needs to keep an eye on that as well.
  • S/He should be enthusiastic enough to know about the different beliefs and sentiments of different communities and cultures. His/her funeral service needs to shape up on basis of that.
  • S/He needs to keep a strict tab on his/her funeral equipments and ensure that they are in the perfect working condition. That can make things easier for sure.

So what do you reckon?

So what do you think? Do you think you are the right man for the job? If you can fulfill all the things mentioned above, you can definitely go ahead with this business venture with your eyes closed.

If you feel the positivity running through your veins that you can do it, then go ahead and read a few of these extra tips for running a thriving funeral business. You will definitely find them handy for your business endeavor.

Tips on starting a funeral business

1.       Chalk up a budget

Your budget should definitely have a realistic figure based on your spending ability. If you are a newbie, your budget needs to be as reasonable as possible such that you will be able to make both ends meet.

Remember sticking to the budget is as important as chalking it up (if not more). Overspending is a big no-no.

2.       Obtain training

You’ll do much better if you receive a thorough professional training on the apt ways to start a funeral home. You will be more organized and more experienced, once you sign yourself up for such a training.

3.       Get a funeral business license ASAP

You should fill up the application at your country or city office. Locate your country’s revenue department official site and apply for your business TIN ASAP. Such a license can definitely make your business look more professional and more credible to the masses in particular, thereby upping your brand value.

4.       Last but not the least, DO NOT borrow money at the start

It’s a very bad idea to start this business on a loan, however small it might appear to be. Start small but start on your very own money. You’ll see the benefits in the long run for sure.

So that’s it then. Hope you find this article handy enough for your funeral business endeavors. Good luck!

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He is the head of Sales and Customer Relations. Bio, Has been in the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and Long Term Care Sales industry for over 20 years. Brought his experience and expertise to Mobi Medical in 2014 as VP of Sales and Customer relations.

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