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Free DesignEvo Logo Creator Review: Resourceful Logo Solutions for Web Users

Nowadays, people take it more and more seriously to design a logo. A logo is the definition of a brand, a service and a business. A bad logo may be in an ugly or horrible design, which makes people reject and distrust the brand potentially. So the question arises: how we can design a suitable logo with a high ROI?It can be very easy if you find a method to design a logo automatically. That means a proper tool for logo creation will deliver great help.

In this review, we will introduce such a tool for logo creations. The tool, DesignEvo, is an online logo maker for all platforms. Compared to Photoshop logo maker, it simplifies the logo design process and has an arguably higher performance. In general, it requires only seconds to DIY a logo with templates. Within one minute, you can finish designing and downloading a logo. We think that’s very impressive. Agree?

Entering the DesignEvo homepage, you will find a button – [Make a Free Logo]- to access the online app. Below the fold, a tutorial video demonstrates how this works. In addition, in the second part is a portal to find logo ideas for a chosen topic.

Two Ways to Design A Logo

DesignEvo offers users two ways to create a logo: one way is to design one with the help of a related DesignEvo template, the other way is to DIY a logo with your imagination and from scratch. This gives its users the maximal freedom to choose how to design their logo easily.

4000+ Templates

DesignEvo has now added 4000+ well-designed templates to its database that can be directly applied to your logo design. These logo templates are well cataloged based on various needs and varied occasions. Just input a keyword and DesignEvo will give you a response by listing dozens of logo templates for your selection. However, should you be unluckily and there is no template cataloged with your keyword, it will give you a struggling & unhappy face telling you that there is no match for it.

Millions of Fonts, Icons & Shapes

DesignEvo supports its users to choose from a large collection of fonts, icons and shapes. For logo text, there are two options – Classic and Art. When choosing [Art], we see a multitude of feature-rich nicely-prepared logo text templates. While Classic options leave much customization work to us. In its Icon section, DesignEvo also provides a search box for a faster-finding result.

6-Scene Preview & 3 Plan for Download

DesignEvo is very user-friendly for various-purpose users. Its Preview functionality shows what the designed logo looks like when printing on a business card, a document header, a book cover, a website, a T-shirt and a meeting board respectively.

In its download plan, you may choose from a FREE, BASIC and PLUS plan.The FREE plan allows outputting a basic png file within 500px *500px, without supporting the transparent background effect. The most advanced plan is the PLUS plan that has all supports in FREE and BASIC plans. Besides that, the PLUS plan covers a vectorized logo in an SVG file format, which supports quality-lossless zooming in and zooming out.

Wrapping Up

DesignEvo is a straightforward & resourceful logo maker that simplifies logo creation for most users. In addition, its design workshop is very intuitive and can make logo creation a simple job.

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