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Four Must-Have Gadgets For The Upcoming Winter Season

Although we’re still very much in the midst of summer, depending on where in the world you’re reading this from of course, the days are quickly disappearing and the nights are slowly but surely drawing in. Days will soon turn to months and before you know it you’ll be swapping your shorts and t-shirts for trousers and body warmers. Yes, there are still a couple of months left of summer, but fall (autumn) and winter are quickly closing in. As the days will soon be growing cooler and the night’s longer, you may struggle for things to do in the evening. Worry not however, because here we’ll be looking at four must-have gadgets that will help keep you entertained for hours upon hours and will help you to banish the winter blues for good.

Genius DVR-FHD590

Genius by name, genius by nature, this fully HD vehicle recorder is a must-have gadget this fall/winter season. Ok, technically it isn’t designed to provide you with hours upon hours of fun, but what it is designed to do is provide you with peace of mind, and an added element of safety. This device shoots videos at 30fps and allows you to record and document absolutely everything that happens whilst you’re driving. The genius is helping to provide peace of mind and is helping to resolve traffic related incidents all over the world. It simply attaches to the windscreen of your vehicle and then simply records whilst you drive, recording absolutely everything in shot of its viewfinder. Statistically you’re far more likely to be involved in a traffic incident during the colder and darker months, and the genius helps add an element of safety and peace of mind.

X Rocker Pro Wireless Gaming Chair

If you’re a self confessed computer buff and enjoy spending your free time playing computer games then the X rocker pro wireless gaming chair is absolutely ideal for you. Gaming chairs provide you with the perfect conditions to really help bring your computer game experience to life. The X rocker pro is considered one of the absolute best gaming chairs on the market today, and for good reason too. The chair features 4 speakers combined with a subwoofer and even has a vibration feature. It’s also incredibly tidy as it’s wireless, so there are no annoying cables to content with.

Intoxicated LCD Watch

This device is going to come in incredibly useful over the festive season where alcohol sales and consumption absolutely sky rocket. The intoxicated LCD watch is great for use all year round, but will come in especially handy over the holidays as you attend parties and social events etc. This watch has a built-in sobriety test and breathalyzer feature that will tell you whether or not you are under or above the legal alcohol limit when operating a vehicle. Users can simply blow into the watch where the watch’s built-in blood alcohol measuring unit will then read the results and display them on screen for you to read then and there. It’s comfortable, stylish, light weight, and recharges via USB port.

Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole


This gadget will come in incredibly handy over the colder winter months and we absolutely love it. In cold temperatures the feet are often the first part of the body to become cold, and as you probably know, cold feet are incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant. The Thermacell heated insoles however, can and will eliminate this problem for you. These insoles are lithium battery powered so are fully rechargeable and last an incredibly long time. The heated insoles feature three different temperature settings and can be adjusted via a specially designed remote control that is 100% wireless. Simply pop the comfortable insoles into your shoes, ensure you have your remote control with you, and simply select the temperature you require.

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  1. Kathy Mathis

    August 7, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    This X-Rocker Gaming chair is simply awesome thing to have. Great list of gadgets !

  2. Freya

    August 15, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    The watch is a great idea and I also love the idea of having heated insole for this winter.
    Great list of gadgets

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