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Features Which You Should Not Miss When Deciding On An Ecommerce Platform

Gone are the days when you would invest few months to year to create your ecommerce website. This is the time when everybody requires instant solutions to start earning from their websites as early as possible. Various modern ecommerce platforms or readymade software are here to serve this purpose and your website could be ready in just a few days. The market is full of such readymade software but not all are successful and popular. Some of the features that make successful ecommerce software are discussed in this article.

  • Latest Technology for Shopping Cart – The process of purchasing products from your website must be simple and easy. To achieve this, your shopping cart software must use latest technology. If your online store is not easy to operate or takes too long to load then your customers might leave and go to other ecommerce websites, probably your competitor’s.
  • Adaptability to Social networks – Online businesses should leverage the power of social networking websites. If your shopping cart can integrate with social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter then it can help you spread the word to many more potential customers and that too without spending more money. If your existing shopping cart does not have this facility then you should find some plug-ins or add-ins to install social media integration.
  • Security – Security is not just a feature but a very crucial requirement for any ecommerce website. Your ecommerce website must handle all customers’ information with utmost care and should not allow any leakage. For this you can do several test runs for the shopping cart solution you plan to use and read other shop owners’ reviews too. Remember security is a very important feature and you should not compromise this over other lucrative features.
  • Display styles for products and their description – in a real store situated in busy marketplace your customers can feel the products and check their quality. But in the case of ecommerce stores physical inspection is not possible. To address this flaw, you can add more product photos taken from different angles and distance. For example, adding zoom feature can add a better view for the customer and he can then decide to buy the product. Along with high quality product images, product description also plays an important role. Here you can specify the physical parameters such as length or size, color, material of the product.

With so many shopping cart applications available for free download you can easily start your online business in a short time. However, you have to pay keen attention to the above-mentioned features to make your online venture successful.

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