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Experts Predict Mobile Gaming Will Topple Traditional Consoles In 2015

Mobile and tablet gaming will overtake traditional consoles for revenue generation in 2015 according to market research firm Newzoo.

Console-driven gaming, such Xbox and PlayStation, have led the way for many years but their reign could be about to come to an end.

The rapid growth of iOS and Android technology will hit new heights for turnover next year according to the Dutch firm.

Revenue from mobile games will hit $30.3 billion in 2015, up from $25 billion in 2014. Newzoo’s latest quarterly estimates are more optimistic than in the past, following strong year-to-date growth for smartphone and tablet games both in mature and emerging markets.

Remarkably, Apple’s game revenues could be double those of Nintendo this year.

Apple is expected to generate $4 billion in revenue from games sold in its iTunes App Store, while Google could generate $3 billion in 2014. Last year, Nintendo’s revenues were $2.4 billion, and the total is expected to be smaller this year.

Experts are predicting that revenue from mobile gaming will overtake that of traditional consoles in 2015.


Knock-on effect for online gambling

The ascent of handheld devices in the gaming world is likely to be reflected in online gambling.

With more apps available for free download than ever before, consumers have never had it so good.

Sites like Bonus Mob offer casino reviews to help select the best to play as well as a range of casino bonuses to make the most profitable start. Sign up, Loyalty or No Deposit bonuses are all clever ways of attracting new players and getting the existing ones to come back.

The continued growth and development of handheld devices and tablets is likely to run parallel with an increasing number of users choosing mobiles for their online gambling needs.

  • Online gambling is now a huge business, estimated to be worth €44bn globally (2012)
  • Casino gambling was traditionally the exclusive preserve of members-only clubs. Online casinos have opened the market to everyone
  • In 2010, a major report, British Gambling Prevalence Survey, was conducted for Britain’s gambling commission. It found that 10.7% of the population had gambled online in 2010, compared with 6.5% in 2007.

Apple’s game revenues could be double those of Nintendo this year, with the company likely to generate $4 billion in revenue from games sold in its iTunes App Store.

Worldwide growth trends for 2015

While Newzoo’s latest predictions show expected growth in all markets, Southeast Asia and China are a particular hotbed with a growth figure of 86 percent predicted for overall revenue in 2014.

The North American mobile games market is now expected to grow 51 percent year-on-year, while Western Europe is expected to grow 47 percent.

Vincent van Deelen, market analyst at Newzoo, insists the newly revised figures are directly linked to market trends.

“With the public release of these new forecasts, Newzoo is deliberately countering the sentiment aired in recent months that the mobile gaming market is becoming saturated in mature Western markets, especially the US,” he stated.

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