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Elderberry – Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits

The ‘Father of Medicine’ Hippocrates called elderberries his medicine chest. Elderberry is perhaps the world’s number one healing plant with miraculous properties that can cure whatever ails you. There are 10 species of elderberry plants globally. The use of elderberry as a medicinal plant dates back to 400 BC.

Elderberry is a native plant of the Rocky Mountains of North America, Eastern Mexico, and Europe. It grows in sunny locations in wet as well as dry soil. Elderberry fruit is difficult to find as it is seasonal. However, elderberry supplements such as vegan and gluten-free elderberry gummies are readily available online and can be easily found at stores of supplement brands such as Nature’s Bounty and Gummies Garden. They provide the same health benefits as the fruit.

Elderberries contain potent antioxidants that help in boosting the immune system. The fruit is packed with flavonoids like anthocyanins that give it its deep blue color. Even the elderberry flower is brewed in teas to get its various health benefits.

Elderberry Nutritional Facts

According to USDA, 1 cup of whole fresh elderberries, equivalent to 145 grams, contains the following nutritional information:

  • Calories 106
  • Sodium 9 mg
  • Vitamin C 52.2 mg
  • Calcium 55 mg
  • Iron 2.32 mg
  • Folate 9 mg
  • Fat 0.7 mg
  • Fiber 10 grams
  • Carbs 27 gram
  • Protein 1 gram
  • Sugar 0 gram


One cup serving of elderberries contains approximately 27 grams of Carbohydrates that amounts to 9% of your daily recommended intake.


One cup serving of fresh elderberries has 10 grams of dietary fiber that amounts to 36% of your recommended daily value.


Elderberries have a negligible amount of fat, about 0.7 grams of fat.


The protein content in elderberries is low, as it is a typical fruit. One cup serving contains only 1 gram of protein. Also, it has a negligible effect on our body’s blood sugar level.

Vitamins and Minerals

Elderberries are a rich source of many vitamins and minerals. It contains a substantial amount of calcium, vitamin C, and other minerals, which are essential for boosting your body’s immune system function. These vitamins and minerals also aid in fighting off inflammation and enhance the proper functioning of tissues, muscles, and cells.

Elderberries also have ample amounts of beta carotene that changes into Vitamin A inside our body. One cup serving of elderberries provides enough beta carotene that converts to 6% of your daily recommended intake. Vitamin A converted from beta carotene helps heal the damaged tissues of your skin, lungs, and heart. It also improves overall organ functioning.

Health Benefits of Elderberries

The above nutritional information regarding Elderberries tells us how packed with essential minerals, vitamins, carbs, and fiber elderberries are. These important compounds are natural and effective, and their content may vary in elderberries owing to their growth environment and climate. Also, elderberries provide our bodies with substantial amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants provide us with innumerable health benefits. Some of them are:

Elderberries help in fighting Cold and Flu

The high bio-flavonoid content in elderberries boosts the immune system and helps relieve common cold and influenza symptoms. This bioflavonoid is an antioxidant that enhances wellness and prevents infections and diseases. Regular use of elderberry supplements helps in upper respiratory tract infections, reducing your sick days and making you feel better.

Elderberries assist in Weight Loss.

Elderberries are rich in dietary fiber content, which has shown significant improvement in BMA (body mass index). Elderberries are also associated with better physical and mental health, which help in weight loss. The amount of calories present in elderberries is significantly less, making it a portion of perfect diet food. Consumption of elderberries has a positive impact on your eating habits and wellbeing.

Elderberries help in relieving constipation

Elderberry tea is taken for the treatment of constipation due to its laxative qualities. The laxative properties in elderberries are due to anthraquinone, which is a compound also found in senna. This compound relieves constipation by inhibiting water absorption by the intestines. Dried elderberry tea is an excellent remedy for the treatment of constipation.

Elderberries help in the Treatment of Acne

The flavonoids present in elderberries help in the treatment of acne and other skin disorders. This flavonoid possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Harmful radicals are controlled through the flavonoid, which could damage healthy skin cells.

Elderberries have antiseptic properties which help fight acne. This research was conducted by the ANA (American Nutrition Association).

Elderberries Help in Reducing Wrinkles and Slows Cellular Aging

The beta carotene present in Elderberries converts into sufficient amounts of Vitamin A in our body. This vitamin A relieves and soothes skin disorders and helps in the prevention of age spots. This, in turn, lessens skin wrinkles and stops the normal aging process.

The antioxidants present in elderberries treat oxidative stress, which is responsible for harming healthy cells and aging. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking a daily dose of fresh elderberries or elderberry gummies or supplements, as large amounts can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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