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Why Digital is the Future Landscape of Healthcare Marketing

Because of risk and liability factors, entrepreneurs in healthcare and life sciences have been sheltered industries. But the pressure is rising with a superconvergence of forces in business mathematics and technology forcing healthcare and life sciences advertising into the edge of disruption. On the science front, creations such as mapping and Radiology PACS services are currently empowering breakthrough methods and treatments–at all levels.

On the regulatory and company entrance side, health care reform is ratcheting up the attention on individual results and costs, as well as reimbursements. The evidence is being leveraged to show value to patients and payers, enhance differentiation and develop therapies.

On the tech front, inventions like embedded sensors and tracking/monitoring, large data, the network of the internet, artificial intelligence and cloud-based health information–just to mention a couple–are beginning to make the same impact in healthcare and life sciences which electronic is making in every other part of our own lives. These innovations alter how we work and live, creating expectations and new behaviours in a cycle that’s both self-reinforcing and increasing.

The Era of Disturbance

The times are gone when entrepreneurs within this industry could center on media advertising materials for healthcare providers and revenue maximization, ad campaigns. With the chance of interconnectivity between providers and patients, the new function of marketing is to make a lasting, effective and personalized wellness story that speaks to the particular needs of every customer–effortlessly across a multi-device world and delivered rapidly.

A Different Role for Health Marketing

This role changes the character of life and health sciences manufacturers, giving rise to another type of marketing that’s customer-centric, data-driven and more value-based than previously — and it all must be done digitally.

The Aspects of Digital

Value-based: During the next several years, companies will probably fail or succeed based on how far they enhance patient outcomes, not on how far they sell. Success will require significant changes in digital measurement, execution and strategy. Marketers are working out how to convey the value narrative of their brand to patients and physicians, rather than continuing the approach of listing benefits and asserting dangers.

Data-driven: Many entrepreneurs are currently stating that “information is the newest key to success and measurement” — meaning that info is now their primary focus, in the same way, large marketing campaigns was in the past. With the growth of other innovations and wellbeing sensing, the increase in information is guaranteed to continue. Marketing may use techniques like predictive modeling and analytics to extract insights out of the growing an enormous pool of information. It can unite and other aspects and data together to create evidence that shows the value proposition of a brand to payers and clients.

Client experience-centric: Digital disturbance is blurring the lines between business components that were once different: Promotion. Earnings. Products and Solutions. Information systems. Customer service and service. All of these now include a single finishing entity known together as the “customer experience.” Every stage in the customer experience–using the product, considering the item or even learning about a product. As a result of this, all advertising activities have to be designed around the consumer experience, using involvement models and innovative segmentation to provide promotion and remedies which are customized.

In summary, as we move into the coming decades of healthcare marketing, digital won’t just be a singular aspect of healthcare marketing, it will be central. From multiple touchpoints of the consumer experience to collecting data from every aspect of customer’s life, to measurement and custom analytics, the customer experience will represent a complete shift from the past. And if you’re not crafting a digital strategy, you will undoubtedly be left in the dust.

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Dennis Hung is an entrepreneur and product analyst specializing in mobile technology and IoT. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kia B.

    October 9, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Well said. I completely agree with most of the points in this post. Digital Marketing is going to prove a great tool to attract more patients online.

    I have also come across one more great article addressing the same topic. Hope it can help the audience here –

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