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Why the Demand for Waterproof Smartphones is on the Rise

A huge percentage of people are using smartphones worldwide. These gadgets are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. There was a time when mobiles were used to call, text and play the occasional game of Snake. We have come a long way since these days. Today, we use smartphones to wake us up in the morning, we use them to listen to music on the way to work, we use them to order us taxis, order takeaways, navigate around cities, browse the news, check the stock markets, facetime our loved ones across the world and stay connected with everyone via social media. This selection of tasks described is still just a tiny selection of a smartphone’s capabilities. As smartphones get more advanced, we depend on them increasingly. In fact, in 2015 the number of mobile only internet users overtook desktop only internet users.

Not only do smartphones aid us in many daily activities but we also store a large amount of personal and sentimental data on them such as photos, videos, and many important documents. Lastly with so many capabilities smartphones are becoming increasingly more expensive with many smartphones overtaking the prices of laptops and desktop computers. The risk of damaging these devices, therefore, is steadily increasing.

There are many ways of damaging your smartphone, yet water damage comes out as the second most common cause of damage. Around 11% of smartphones are believed to be ruined each year. currently, a rainy day or a tour to the beach would mean babysitting our mobile phones. Kitchens, bathrooms and even lavatory are considered danger zones for mobile phones. Funnily enough in a study, it was found that a staggering 19% of people drop their smartphones down the loo!

Although there are simple steps you can take to save your phone from minor water damage, there is an obvious growing demand for waterproofing smartphones. In fact, in a recent poll of 1000 consumers, 64% of people between the age of 18-24 said they want smartphones to be more waterproof.

So as explained previously, the main benefit is to protect our phones from accidental water damage but here are some other benefits of waterproofing our smartphones…

As we use our mobiles so often, they are constantly exposed to moisture, germs, dirt, and sweat from the hands and the rest of the body. So, over a period, the phone gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. Just like the way we wash our hands, the best option would be to lightly rinse them with water to wipe off the dirt.

As our smartphones cameras are becoming increasingly better, the need to buy actual cameras is declining. With features such as slow motion and time lapse, we are now able to shoot great action movies. With social media like Instagram revolved around photo and video the demand to be able to get great shots to impress our followers in increasing. Being able to shoot underwater, on water rides or generally where a lot of water involved is, therefore, becoming more appealing.

If a waterproof smartphone sounds up your street, then you’re in luck, Smartphone manufacturers are recognizing this trend and currently, the latest Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, and Apple iPhone models are all waterproof with many other companies looking to make this a feature of their next models.

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