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Data Analytics and Deep Packet Inspection to Enhanced Mobile Services

Bill Gates once predicted a couple of decades ago that time will come when people will be using wireless smart devices to communicate and to do their businesses using available online networks. This prediction does see its fulfillment nowadays. If you look around you, you would readily notice that each person around you is carrying a smart mobile device that they usually use to communicate and to do business online. Experts in mobile industry likewise estimate that around 30 billion mobile devices will be in use in the coming year of 2020. Hence, more and more people will be using smart mobile devices and much more people will be needing efficient and effective mobile phone subscriptions that would provide them with better plans and better mobile services.

There are many mobile networks to choose from. However, mobile subscribers are becoming more meticulous in choosing their network providers, considering the fact that there are plenty of options to choose from. For this reason, mobile network providers are hard-pressed to improve the plans and services that they provide their subscribers; otherwise, their subscribers will jump ship to the next available mobile network provider for better services.

How Can Network Providers Enhance their Services to Entice More Subscribers?

Given the fact that subscribers nowadays can readily shift allegiance to another mobile network operator, it is definitely more pressing and imperative on the part of mobile network providers to improve the services that they provide. However, without enough knowledge of how consumers and mobile users behave, it would definitely be impossible to improve their services. Moreover, in a data-driven world, it is definitely imperative to understand better the behavior of individual subscribers to better provide each subscriber the best services his/her badly needed. The more highly-individualized the services of network providers, the better they can personalize the online experience of each of their subscribers.

There are companies that could help network providers get the needed data analytics to understand the behavior of each of their subscribers. These companies can provide data analytics about individual subscriber’s behaviors. This proactive analytics will enable network operators to see data about subscribers’ demographics, preferred applications, usage patterns, behaviors, the frequency each consumer accesses certain websites, which videos each watch, how much video data each subscriber watches, and other patterns that could help network providers understand better each of their subscribers.

Using these data analytics provided by these companies, network service providers can create a highly-targeted service plan for each bracket and the group of subscribers. Moreover, the marketing and sales team of network providers can devise marketing strategies based on Deep packet inspection that would allow their network providers to increase their ROI. More importantly, network providers, with the help of these DPI solutions provided by these companies, can implement a highly innovative and intelligent charging models and solutions that can reflect the real and true value of each service the network providers provide their subscribers. The data analytics provided by these companies can also create a better Traffic Classification that would provide insightful information for individualizing services. Lastly, with these data analytics and DPI at hand, network providers, their managers, and their policy-makers can gain insightful information on how to leverage their network services.

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