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Creative Ways to Play Bingo at Home Without Buying Any Equipment

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If you’ve ever played bingo before then you know that a certain amount of equipment is needed. Yet, there are some creative ways to start playing this timeless game without having to buy any of the equipment that you might like to try.

Play Online Versions

Going online has become the most convenient way of playing bingo, as it lets you start playing without having any physical equipment other than a device that’s connected to the internet. You can even play free bingo in special rooms and at certain times of the day. The games are divided into rooms, so you just need to look out for the free bingo room to start playing at no cost.

This is also a way to find different versions of bingo. One of the most interesting aspects of the move online is the fact that people all over the world can find both 75-ball and 90-ball versions of this game. In the past, one or other of these versions was popular in each part of the planet where bingo was popular. You can also now find games based on game shows, slots, or other appealing themes.

Create Your Own Bingo Cards

Creating your own bingo cards isn’t as difficult as it might appear to be. You can easily print them off online or just make them manually if you prefer. You’ll then need to make numbered balls that you can pull out of a bag or some other sort of container once the game gets underway.

Don’t forget to include something that can be used to cover the numbers as they get ticked off. This can be done using coins, peanuts, or anything else that you have at hand that is of the right size and stability for the job. Playing in this way takes a bit longer to organize but gives you the satisfaction of doing it all yourself.

Image Source: “bingo 6/365” (CC BY 2.0) by Nikkorz

Make It a Themed Game

The versatility of bingo makes it perfect for creating themed games, such as those that we can see offered online. One way of doing this at home is by adding pictures to the cards or changing the numbers to words. Another idea is to make the whole game revolve around a certain theme, such as the current season or the date.

If you’re looking forward to the biggest NFL game of the year, you’ll find printable Super Bowl bingo cards online. These cards have squares you mark off when certain things happen, such as a particular player being mentioned or one of the teams getting a touchdown. A similar approach can be taken to any big event like the Oscars, the Olympic Games, and so on. Take a look online and you’ll find printable cards for many big occasions.

All of these ideas show us why playing bingo at home has remained such a popular pastime for so long. No matter which way of doing it suits you best, you’ll find a classic game that is sure to continue captivating players no matter how we choose to set it up.

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