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How Cloud Technology Helps the Healthcare Industry

The world of technology is moving forward in great strides. And a lot of other fields are associated with it as well. Indeed, there are quite a few fields, such as healthcare and others, which are reaping direct benefits of the advancements in the world of technology.

Improved Healthcare Facilities are Increasing Life Expectancy across the Globe

There are numerous healthcare service providers across the globe who are engaged in providing the best of services to customers. Most of them use technology in various forms to provide the best of services to patients. There are several instruments, which are in use in the healthcare industry. Beyond that, a lot of healthcare service providers are moving a step forward these days. They are using cloud technology to the fullest.

What is Cloud Technology?

The use of clouds isn’t something new to the world of technology. It has been around for quite some time now. Derived from the term cloud computing, this technology refers to the practice of storing the necessary data on the internet without using the hard disk of your computer.

Cloud Technology in Healthcare

Cloud technology has been used across various industries. The healthcare industry is no exception. In fact, cloud technology has found extensive use in the world of healthcare. From the use of electronic health records (EHR) to offering on-spot access to medical records, and more, cloud technology is making the healthcare procedures more accurate and hassle-free.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common uses of cloud technology in the world of healthcare.

Immediate Access to a Patient’s Medical History

When a doctor is providing treatment to a patient, it becomes almost imperative to know the medical history of the patient. It gives the doctor an added advantage and ensures that the treatment is of the highest order.

So, does that mean that the patient has to carry all his medical records when he is visiting the doctor?

Of course not.

All he needs to ensure is that the records are stored in the cloud. With that, all the doctor needs to do is have a proper internet connection. Through the internet, he can access the documents related to the medical history of the patient whom he is treating.

Proper Transfer of Data from One Hospital to Another

When you were ill a few days back, you had gone for treatment at a certain hospital. You returned home after being discharged. But after a few months, you find that the same problem is recurring. So, you’ve gone to a new hospital. Now, when the new hospital wants to have a data of your medical treatment that occurred a few months back, a human error occurred.

Just imagine how dangerous it can be for your health and treatment.

This human error can be avoided if the data are transferred in an automated way. And that’s what the cloud helps to perform. It ensures that the information is transferred in the most accurate manner. In fact, the personnel from the second hospital can download the data with the help of the internet in the form it is stored in the cloud by the first hospital.

Storing the Images

Use of images is one of the most important parts of modern day medical procedures. To treat the patients properly, the doctors need the images of the internal parts of the body. In fact, medical imaging is a major part of the treatment these days. And these images are stored in the cloud for easy access by the physicians. They ensure that the physicians and surgeons can have a proper idea about the health conditions of the patients before they go ahead with the treatment procedures.

Securing Data with Cloud Technology

There are quite a few healthcare service providers, which prefer a personal way of storing data to any external vendors. They feel that storing important data with third-party companies might lead to security breach.

So, how can they store the data?

This is where cloud computing comes in handy. The healthcare service providers can store the data themselves on a cloud and secure them with a password. They can access the data when necessary.

Cloud technology in healthcare provides more power to patients. They can have access to their own medical records. Besides, it can also help to keep all information in a centralized location, which can be accessed from anywhere. These benefits are sure to make cloud technology a major part of the healthcare industry.

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