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How to Choose the Right CDN Provider

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network, is a network of distributed servers that hold multiple copies of same content on dispersed servers. This topology has thousands of servers around the globe. This enables the provider to handle multiple requests for same content efficiently and reliably. This network is useful when there is network traffic congestion or limited bandwidth. The content in this network is delivered by calculating the nearest server from the requesting client.

Why do you need a CDN?

A CDN is required to deliver the contents of any websites or a blog to your browser more quickly and efficiently and this is done based on the location of the requester. It helps loading your page faster as it can benefit from the copies of same content hosted in different location. CDN is needed to make your website service faster and efficient. It can handle the multiple request easily and the servers can deliver the copies of same content from different locations based on the request coming.

How to choose the right CDN provider?

Now you know that CDN is important factor when it comes to good service delivery of your website. The loading time to delivery time of your website will improve vastly once you start using CDN for your website. We shall discuss on what factors can be considered while choosing right CDN provider and review CDN pricing for Jodi host plans.

Below are the few things you must consider while choosing CDN provider:


You must measure the throughput and response time to choose the best CDN provider. There are a number of statistics you need to measure. You will find different analytics platform that can be customized and used to check different measurements. CDN performance is determined number of small metrics that are shown in the report by the platform and you can compare before choosing your CDN provider. Some of the basic metrics you can measure are

  • Total bandwidth
  • Number of hits / miss
  • Hits per second
  • Origin transfer
  • Completion ratio

There are other reports as well that you can use to compare among CDN providers.


With API available CDN can be more flexible and offer better security. They will have added features and much more with APIs included. Facilitating CDN with APIs will assist them with account management as well as in creating user profile, configurations, analytics etc. Look for open documentation from your CDN provider on their website to check for their available APIs.


This is important to make your service available at a minimum charge. With increasing bytes being transferred across network the price of CDN service might go up suddenly. Make sure to check with the quota provided to ensure the services you are looking for matches exactly. Analyze properly the amount of traffic you will use so that your planning will be perfect and make sure about the additional charges beforehand.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Before you make your investments you must do proper homework and make sure your choice is the right one. Try to talk with your colleagues, friends and other users who have already used the service from the CDN provider and get their feedbacks. They can tell you what they liked the most about the provider and what changes they want to make it better. This way you can get idea on which one is the best.

Lot of homework and planning is required before you make investment on CDN provider so that you can get the right CDN provider. Testing of all metrics is the most important aspect to know the speed of the network and you must try to get maximum statistical report from the testing platform. Analyze all the reports properly and you can go ahead for the contract.  Jodi host is providing CDN services from different service providers around the globe. They have some of the best pricing for the service providers. You can check for your requirement and if it matches you can grab the best deal.

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