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Challenges Refrigerated Transport Services Have to Overcome

Companies offering refrigerated transport have to face many challenges. Check the common difficulties that carriers of temperature-sensitive products face today.

Refrigerated transport services are a vital part of any logistics network, and the market is growing at a fast pace. The companies that provide refrigerated transport have to overcome many challenges to earn customer satisfaction and praise.

Refrigerated transport is generally used for transporting perishable goods, such as food, flowers, or any other item that may spoil if exposed to heat. The cold temperatures of refrigerated trucks are used to keep food from spoiling. Refrigerated transport allows for a more controlled environment, ensuring the product arrives in perfect condition. Let us have a look at those challenges.

Budget Challenge

As the refrigerated transport system is a blessing and has good demand in the market, many companies include this service. So, the competition is also increasing, and companies often are trying to attract consumers by making the service price lower than the competitors.

On the other hand, considering the expenses, including refrigerated transport and maintaining it, you will be surprised. The technology involved in these transports is the most expensive. Also, vehicles are constantly fighting with the outside temperature, so the occurrence of faults in machines is also normal. All of these result in a high cost of maintenance.

So, maintaining the expenses and offering a lower price to fight the competition often makes it challenging for companies to avoid business losses.

Insurance Limitations

Everyone will agree that the refrigerated transport service is quite a sensitive job. There is always a risk of damage, and the products might get destroyed at any point in the service. Consumers will never receive rotten products; they sometimes return them for minor issues, resulting in the company’s loss. So, to avoid you might suggest companies go for insurance.

The carriers often avoid including the loaded items in their freight insurance coverage policies as they are temperature-sensitive and perishable. Even if they are insurance covered, the limited liability often creates a challenging situation for the companies.

Lack of Knowledge of drivers

The drivers are essential members of this transporting business. They are the ones who are responsible for the loaded items during the journey till the receiver’s point. But their lack of knowledge and skill often makes them and the company suffer.

So, if your company’s drivers need to be more skilled to operate the service, it is undoubtedly a big challenge for your refrigerated transport company.

Possible Solutions that could help

When a problem arises, it indeed comes along with its solution. So here we have called for some solutions that might help.

Your team members are your strength and weakness at the same time, so we suggest hiring them carefully and training them properly. Train the drivers so well that their skills are developed enough to run the operation smoothly and properly set up the budget. Here consumers often prefer to get intact and fresh items, indicating a smooth service system. So, make sure the budget matches your excellent service quality.

If you are new in this business, you can gather a lot of knowledge from efficient refrigerated transport companies like Zion Fresh, with 16 years of logistics experience.

In conclusion, the challenges mentioned in this post are real and justified concerns for refrigerated transport companies. Sometimes, they can even force you to close down your business. Well, the response should not be removing the refrigeration vans but improving your company’s processes.

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