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A Brilliant Guide to Valentine Flowers

The arrival of February brings a lot of excitement for couples as the Valentine’s Day draws nearer. It is the time for chocolates, candlelit dinners, stuffed animals holding hearts and flowers. When you think of Valentine flowers, you immediately get the image of red roses in your mind, but they are not the sweet-smelling gift you can give to your loved ones on this special day. There are plenty of options at your disposal and you should brush up on the meaning behind the blooms and understand what they symbolize before you pick one. Read on to know more.


The classic bud and the most popular choice of people for Valentine’s Day is rose. This iconic flower is pricey and typically red is the top choice because it symbolizes beauty, romance, love and perfection. However, you also have the option of pink or white roses with the former highlighting sweetness and the latter indicating purity. Yellow rose is chosen for desire and friendship. You can choose a color, depending on your relationship or you can also take a mixture of colors if you prefer.

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies are known for symbolizing purity, innocence and beauty and the Gerbera type is recognized by their large flowering heads and the resemblance they share with sunflowers. You can find them in a wide array of peppy hues and this gives them an additional touch of cheerfulness. You can opt for a gorgeous arrangement in vibrant shades like bright yellow or fuchsia.


The most prevalent in numerous garden flowers are tulips, which are renowned for their curving leaves and bulb heads. The most popular choice for Valentine’s Day are the pink, white and red arrangements. Tulips have a unique quality and are considered the symbol of perfect love. They are elegant and convey warmth and comfort and they are also quite comfortable.


Those who want flowers with a tropical touch, you cannot go wrong with lilies. These flowers usually stand for style, class and beauty as they depict these qualities themselves. Lily is a great option for Valentine’s Day flowers if you want a touch of sophistication. There are different types of lilies you can find in the market including stargazer lilies, Casa Blanca lilies, etc.


These rare flowers are considered a symbol of love, strength, luxury and beauty. They are a great choice if you are looking for an extra touch of exotic seduction. These blossoms can hold up well over time in both pots and bouquets.


For a delicate touch and a durable appeal, carnations are a good and reliable choice of many people all over the globe. They are often called the flower of love and are appreciated for their sweet clove-like fragrance. Available in a horde of colors, carnations can offer you interest and excellence. You can get peach and pink shades or those in purple, yellow and bright reds. These cheerful blooms are fascinating for expressing your first love.


Named after the sun, these flowers represent happiness and warmth. Moreover, they are also a symbol of loyalty and can bring cheer to just about any place or person. While the bright yellow buds may indicate summer-time, you can find them at the florist throughout the year and these spirit-lifting flowers are bound to please your loved one. Ensure going to the most popular flower shop, as good shops have sunflowers that are bigger size and that look better than those mostly available at regular shops.


In some parts of the world, purple or dark blue irises are an indicator of loyalty. Regardless of their color, they stand for hope and faith. The most popular color choices for Valentine’s Day are white, yellow and blue and they can be mixed up with red daisies or tulips for a striking combination.


These are an elegant choice when you are thinking about blooms on Valentine’s Day and gardenias signify joy and purity. They are just loaded with fragrance and are the perfect choice for those who have a history together. Gardenias are typically sold as single blooms and are quite pricey and they will definitely be useful for making a statement.

You can select any of these flowers on Valentine’s Day for your loved ones. Bear in mind that you should get them fresh and of great quality to have the right impact.

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