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Best Bluetooth Headsets of 2020 in the USA for Phone Calls in Noisy Environment

This post is about the best Bluetooth headsets of 2020 by Jabra and Plantronics in the USA. We picked the best Bluetooth headsets for you. You can use it in offices, at home, and in many other places.

Most often than not, we are bound to answer our phone calls in a loud place with a lot of background noise. This can be perplexing at times, especially when it’s a work-related call. But the Bluetooth headsets of 2020 have come to the rescue by covering that problem efficiently.

Jabra PRO 9470 Wireless Headset (2.4GHz)

This monaural headset is designed for true professionals. It can be connected to your softphone, mobile phone, and traditional desktop all at the same time. One headset is enough for all your devices. These connected devices can be managed through the Control Center, which features Jabra Direct for mass deployment. As for the noisy environment issue, Jabra introduced the Noise Blackout technology, which completely cancels out the background noise with the aggressive noise filter so that you can enjoy the clearest conversations with your colleagues and friends. The dual microphones have an enhanced wind noise reduction feature. Furthermore, the DECT wireless technology and Digital Signal Processing improve the quality of sound by optimizing your voice.

The call capacity for conferences is excellent as well. With the help of Bluetooth technology, more than four headsets can be connected to the headset base simultaneously. The wireless coverage radius consists of 495 feet, which is a big area so that your call does not drop, and you can carry on your conversation while roaming around yet still connected. The headset is certified for all unified communications platforms so that professional calls on applications can be carried out. Moreover, it also supports the operating system of Microsoft Windows. The frequency response of the speakers includes both narrowband and wideband. The talk time is more than 9 hours, which is enough to go through the day. An electronic hookswitch enables remote call control. The headband is fully adjustable to add convenience.

The GN9125 Duo Wireless Headset by Jabra

The binaural GN9125 works with the 1.9 GHz radio frequency band, which is deemed to be the best in telecommunications equipment. The boom arm microphone is extremely flexible and can be adjusted easily, giving you the perfect placement. Ear pads are made of soft leatherette cushions that provide all-day comfort. It delivers enterprise-grade performance, and a lifelike voice is given by the noise-canceling microphone, which removes unwanted interruptions in a loud environment. The 12 hours of talk time is more than enough to last a full day. The wireless coverage area is 150 meters, which gives you ultimate mobility so that you can accept calls and multitask while walking around. DECT 6.0 technology gives interference-free connectivity and high-quality audio. All Jabra headsets feature a Remote Call Control by which you can easily accept or reject calls when you’re away from the desk. The multi-unit conferencing capability is ideal for hosting big collaborative meetings. The dual-ear design completely blocks out noise and gives better voice clarity than the

single-ear design. To protect your ears from unexpected high-noise spikes, the PeakStop technology removes them from your hearing range immediately. The 64-bit patented encryption offers multi-layered security for your conversations to protect them against eavesdropping.

Wireless Convertible Headset Plantronics CS540

This is one of the most popular Plantronics headsets on the market because it excels in every aspect. The numerous wearing styles include behind-the-head, over-the-head, and over-the-ear, which give all-day comfort and can be switched as well. The long wireless range of 350 feet allows you to accept or decline calls while being away from the desk phone. This high-quality device has zero Wi-Fi interference and superior voice quality for delivering dynamic sound. One-touch intuitive controls make the headset easy to use to control call functions such as mute and volume adjustment.

Crystal clear conversations with maximum clarity can be enjoyed by the advanced noise-canceling microphone, Wideband audio, Digital Signal Processing, and the latest DECT technology. Acoustic protection keeps your ears safe from noise. The charging base can be aligned to the desk phone for easy charging of the device. On a single charge, the device can last for more than 7 hours, which is enough for a day. The adaptive power system automatically downshifts to low power when the battery life is low to conserve power. Convenient collaboration can take place with more than three headsets. If you want to remotely handle calls, you can use the Handset Lifter or the Electronic Hookswitch cable. The box comes with a charging base, extra ear tips, a base power supply, and a telephone interface cable.

Plantronics Savi W720 Wireless Headset

Supporting an over-the-head binaural design, this headset can be connected to a PC, desk phone, and mobile phone, giving you the ideal mobility to multitask or talk to colleagues. Moreover, the hands-free solution maximizes productivity. It has a coverage range of more than 120 meters and a wideband frequency of 6,800 Hz. A lightweight body of 94 grams helps wear all day. Since the binaural design covers both ears, it also eliminates the loud background noise while focusing all your attention on the call. The talk time consists of more than 9 hours, and all calls are protected by 64-bit digital encryption. Wireless DECT 6.0 technology eliminates WiFi interference, improves sound quality, and maintains the wireless coverage area.

Superior voice quality provided by the CAT-IQ technology conveys all information. If you are engaged on a call, the unified communications will update your status to “busy. The SoundGuard digital protection technology shields your ears from hearing an unexpectedly loud noise. The coverage range and talk time are increased by the adaptive power system. The contents of the box include a charging base with a cradle, a USB cable, ear cushions, a telephone interface cable, a base power supply, and the standard headset.

Change the way you communicate with these Bluetooth headsets of 2020.

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