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Benefits of Refurbished IT Hardware

For a company to flourish, it needs to be on par with the technology. The rapid pace of technological advancements leaves no space for outdated machinery, or poorly performing ones. Companies of today spend lakhs of rupees investing in technology that not only becomes obsolete rapidly but is a huge drain of investment. To work their way around this, smart organizations make use of refurbished IT Hardware.

So What is Refurbished IT Hardware?

Refurbished IT hardware is equipment that was initially used by companies while still brand-new but has now been discarded. This can be due to any reason- may be their company policy requires them to replace their equipment with newer versions every few years. Maybe they have upgraded their processes or moved to a different branch. Maybe the equipment no longer satisfied the needs of the organizations.

Whatever the reason, the equipment is now discarded, and although still quite useful, it is not being used anymore. Vendors come into play here, who then refurbish this equipment and render it as good as new. As you continue to read, I will explain how this process works out, and how to identify which vendor to trust.

Who Needs Refurbished IT Hardware?

While logic dictates that anybody who needs to save on their capital expenditure is fair game for refurbished hardware, some organizations need it more. Organizations like SMBs, including small-time hospitals, law firms and manufacturers. These are organizations that need refurbished IT hardware that functions well enough for all their needs.

Similarly, organizations that are already well-established can also benefit from refurbished IT hardware. Let’s say that members of your company are familiar with a certain model of laptops or servers. It makes better sense to continue letting them operate using the same equipment rather than constantly upgrading them to newer hardware which might need different software.

But the question would be where to buy these IT hardware? If a start-up company is looking to invest in a model of refurbished Dell server then they would be confused initially and think of where to buy refurb dell server online in India. In such a scenario, dealing with a trusted supplier is highly advised.

Still apprehensive about investing in used hardware? Here are a few compelling reasons for you to make a move.


When I say savings, I mean it. Save huge amounts of cash by purchasing from a vendor. How great a discount you obtain generally varies, with the minimum being as little as 10% to as huge as even 50%. Certain websites also provide greater discounts when you choose to purchase in bulk. Check out Server Basket, which regularly updates the price lists and has great discounts on offer.

What you can do with these savings is not only investing in more selection of hardware but will also reflect well on your operating budget. In other words, scalability is now that much easier.

Consider the average price of DDR4 EEC memory, and compare it with DDR3 EEC. You will find that these are a lot more affordable and provide great if not equivalent performance.

Similarly, you also have the choice of using the older generation Intel E5 series instead of, the more recent additions to the Xeon series.

Better Performance

What’s the most crucial factor in judging hardware equipment? It’s the Performance.

It’s true that the newer generation of every hardware series promises a better features set and advancements designed to tackle your workloads with the most efficiency. However, you can’t ignore the fact that these products come at extremely hefty price tags, which are beyond the scope of many organizations.

However, refurbished equipment of just a generation older can be obtained at a base price of newer generations. So instead of buying a basic model of the latest generation, you can obtain a high-end model of older generations for the same price.

Moreover, by tweaking it just a little, you can obtain superior performance catered specifically for your organizational goals. Let’s say you’re looking for virtualization services, what you will primarily need is a server with a larger number of cores. Instead of investing in the latest processor series, it’s always a smarter choice to opt for an older version. Some processors are designed to support a larger number of cores and threads, which will help you with virtualization.

Customization and Familiarity

In an established workplace, introducing a new line of equipment often involves extensive training on know-how and maintenance. Moreover, if there are only a few pieces of equipment that are being replaced and the bulk of it is still on the older models, it can create a lot of bewildering confusion. To avoid this conundrum, instead of investing in newer equipment, purchase well-tested older models similar to the one currently in use. This will solve a lot of confusion, and refurbished models sometimes offer better performances based on the customization.

Familiarity is the keynote I wish to strike. Really, how many errors, unnecessary training, mishandling and overall dissatisfaction can be struck out if you manage to provide the same familiar equipment? Just upgrade the memory type or the processor series or play around with the storage or graphics. There’s so much scope for customization when the hardware is refurbished. You already know what it’s got; it is now only a question of tweaking it to the most suitable configuration.

Reliability and Ease of Maintenance

What is More Trustworthy?

A newly released hardware that boasts of advanced new features that haven’t proven their worth yet? Or the equipment that has been around for a while, and has proven its mettle?

Sometimes, mission-critical operations, sensitive data and huge workloads require tried and tested equipment. Entrusting these operations to newly manufactured hardware can be quite risky.

For this reason, refurbished equipment can be an excellent choice. You already know what it is capable of. All the bugs have been taken care of, and multiple levels of testing have already been performed.

For instance, while buying a refurbished server or workstation, you will pick all the new additions that go into building it. So you know for sure that not only is this server super powerful, but you’re doing your best into making it fit like a glove into your organization.

Refurbished equipment is also easier to maintain. You already have a supplier whom you can contact for any new need that strikes. It is just a question of finding the right vendor whom you can trust to deliver authentic goods from the OEM.

Stress-Free Upgradation While Ensuring Sustainability

Stress-free up gradation are the magic words. We are all too familiar with the constant influx of technology and never-ending upgrades. Sometimes, organizational criteria stipulate a constant change of equipment.

To combat the drain that this will ultimately have on your purse, purchase refurbished equipment. At a fraction of the cost, it is less of a strain when the time comes to move on to different equipment.

It is also a far more environmentally sustainable choice. You’re reducing your carbon footprint and ecological waste significantly when you opt for holistic choices such as these. Using refurbished equipment reduces your e-waste, so you get brownie points or that one!

Longevity, Instant Shipping and Alert Services

Refurbished equipment also has warranties attached to them. Given, they are shorter than that offered for new equipment. However, depending on the vendor you purchase it from, these warranty periods can range from 1 month to even 2 years.

This warranty period is a golden assurance for you about the overall reliability of the product. It also gives you a chance to rectify errors without incurring any additional costs.

Next comes instant shipping and constant, 24-hour customer services. Instant shipping is really important when your needs are critical, and the machinery needs to be delivered at the earliest. These are little things that go a long way to ensuring your happy consumer experience. They also help you towards making quick decisions and take decisive actions.

Having listed out these points, I would also like to give you a few basic pointers on how to pick a trustworthy vendor.

Firstly, the products should have an ISO 9000 quality assurance. This is essential because even sites like eBay sell servers and other hardware equipment at bargain prices. However, not all those vendors are trustworthy. Look for quality assurances like this before making such an investment.

Secondly, look for their warranty card stipulations. Ideally, every newly refurbished component should have a 1-year warranty from the OEM itself. The rest should be bracketed inclusively for maximum support and care in case of any issues

Thirdly, check to ensure that they are Grade “A” equipment, if they are 100% certified from the OEM and that they are available for instant shipping.

Some websites offer customer service and 24/7 tech-support. Some offer free installation services. Some websites help guide you towards customizing your server from tip to toe.

Clearly, it’s all about the vendor you pick. I’ve always opted for Server Basket as my first choice when it came to buying refurbished equipment. I not only found their equipment authentic, but they came with a host of benefits. To each their own, but if you’re looking for a reliable suggestion, I can’t offer a better one.


Purchasing refurbished IT hardware is an excellent choice monetarily, economically and for the future of your organization. Investing in refurbished equipment gives you the agreeable alternative of making a risk-free purchase. Purchase from a trustworthy vendor for a great experience. Purchasing refurbished IT hardware will give you benefits in terms of both money and performance.

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