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Automotive Software Development | Keeping Your Vehicles On The Road

If you’re a car manufacturer or you’re designing custom vehicles, then you should never neglect the software that powers everything. From a mechanical point of view, it’s very easy to forget that most modern systems are driven by complex programs which govern everything from engine performance, safety, and the user experience.

Why Is It Vital To Maintain and Update Your Automotive Software?

One of the critical mistakes that car manufacturers make is that they keep recycling old programs into their new vehicles in order to save money, and hope that their drivers don’t notice. While it may save money in the short-term, it will only disappoint drivers in the long-term and you may find them running straight to your competitors.

Here are some great reasons for you to maintain and update your automotive software on a regular basis.


The safety of your drivers and your cars safety reputation should be your primary concern as an automobile manufacturer. One of the most crucial jobs of automotive software development is to make sure that your vehicles adhere to the latest government standards and that they make your drivers feel safe and secure behind the wheel.

A vehicle’s safety features are governed almost entirely by the computer’s pre-programmed responses to certain situations. The safety software installed on your cars has the ability to save lives and should be regularly updated and maintained.

User Experience

When people are paying more than $20,000 for a vehicle, they expect it to have some nice features. The easiest way to make your drivers happy other than giving them 100 miles per gallon or a turbocharger is to create a great user experience. Consider implementing features that learn from user behavior, remember their favorite radio stations, store their favorite routes, and keep them updated as to when they need to perform maintenance.

Vehicle Longevity

Modern engine computers control a lot of the performance. From switching the vehicle from ‘Luxury’ to ‘Sport’ mode, measuring oxygen intake, fuel burn ratios, and exhaust outlets, the software in your ECU can drastically affect the way that the car drives.

What Can Intellias Provide?

Intellias can provide all of the automotive development software solutions that you need for your vehicles to function to their maximum abilities and provide your customers with the best possible experience.


Intellias is skilled in creating intelligent mapping systems that are adaptable, quick-loading, and incredibly accurate.

Machine Learning

If you want to develop the next generation of intelligent cars, then you’ll need to implement machine learning algorithms into the various programs in your vehicle.

Real-Time Data

If you want to provide your drivers with real-time data such as time, weather, traffic updates, and more, then Intellias can ensure that your drivers are always up-to-date.


Sometimes improvements and bugs need to be fixed in older vehicles. These can sometimes be tricky and involve making potentially disastrous decisions. If you need to perform important integrations into older vehicles, then the developers at Intellias have the skills to do this without causing any further programs.

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