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Automate HR Document with Electronic Signatures 2022

The electronic signature solution for HR will help sign recruitment documents online and speed up your recruitment process with secured signed documents.

Contracts, offer letters, and applicant profile forms are just a few of the paperwork that recruiters and hiring managers deal with daily. Similarly, the recruitment procedure necessitates signing dozens of essential documents to comply with the remote workforce’s employment, regulatory, and occupational health requirements.

The process is unnecessarily lengthy for both the company and the candidate with wet signatures. Hiring someone can take anywhere from a few days to four months, which can be reduced with modern hr solutions. It’s not easy to measure the time to hire, but once you have the data, you can figure out what needs improvement. Whether your time-to-hire is greater than the industry norm or you wish to reduce it to minimize lost productivity, automating the hiring process can help you rapidly fill those empty seats.

In addition to increasing the cost per hire, taking too long to fill a position increases the risk of losing fast-moving (high-quality) prospects. So, here’s how an esignly electronic signature solution for HR will help sign recruitment documents online and step up your recruitment process with secured signed documents.

Forms and Contracts that need to be signed

  • Employment Contract
  • W-4 form (or W-9 for contractors)
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form
  • State Tax Withholding form
  • Direct Deposit form
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employee invention forms
  • Employee handbook acknowledgment forms
  • Drug and/or alcohol test consent agreements
  • Job analysis forms (responsibilities, goals, and performance evaluation criteria)
  • Employee equipment inventory lists
  • Confidentiality and security agreements

Consistency and Agility

The remote recruiting process with electronic signature software is an example of ensuring uniformity and reducing errors. HR managers deal with a lot of paperwork when hiring new workers. Adopting Signatures makes it nearly impossible for a candidate or recruiter to miss out on something. In addition, allowing the business to run on the cloud will open up new opportunities and make the company more adaptable. Anyone with access can now check the contents or status of any document, make rapid changes if necessary, and sign it right away, rather than waiting days or weeks with the help of an electronic signature for employment contracts.

Improved visibility with less paperwork

A new employee is faced with a mountain of documentation that demands numerous signatures. Customizing each document takes time, and e-signature software for human resources may quickly fix this problem. Since eSignatures can readily be reviewed by recruiters, they ensure that the candidate has completed all phases of the new hiring process. Additionally, if the candidate has not completed the paperwork, they can resume filling them out by tracking their eSignature to see which stage is still incomplete.

Terms and Conditions

To avoid conflicts throughout the employment process, recruiting agencies ensure that the new hires are aware of the company’s terms and conditions. The companies recruiting frequently send their potential employees the terms and conditions of the job ahead of time through email. However, these documents are printed, signed, and mailed back through the ordinary postal system. The whole process can be finished in a day or even hours with clients reviewing the conditions of the agreement and returning it by email, signing it using a signature for human resources.

Centralized Document Management

HR departments can centralize contract administration using a digital signature hr. The history of documents signed by new workers is always available in the cloud and can be viewed anytime. Any document linked to the hiring process, such as NDA agreements, labor contracts, and other related documents, can be signed by the candidate at any time and from any location. Having all documents in digital format and appropriately signed on time helps cut down on the time it takes to process and archive all documentation for each hiring procedure.

A Positive Impression on the New employee

The electronic signature for human resources makes a positive first impression on potential new employees, especially at a time when Millennials make up a large portion of the workforce. This generation grew up surrounded by technology and particularly values using technology to speed up operations that they find inconvenient or cumbersome.


New hires can rapidly act on digital document signing, completing and signing the required employee contracts in a couple of seconds with the use of signature solutions for human resources. In addition, your organization will be able to keep all of the relevant digital documents and HR forms in one place, which is not possible with physical signatures. They will be preserved digitally and will be easy to access and examine. eSignature for HR feature was built with HR teams of all sizes to take the work out of digital signature services. With just a few clicks, HR professionals can send contracts and agreements to employees for signature and track the status of each document in real-time. This allows HR teams to focus on more critical tasks while not worrying about the time consumed in the hiring process. eSignature platform for HR is well equipped to send bulk documents to sign offer letters and gives a detailed audit report, ensuring that the signatures are from authorized signers.

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