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Applicant Tracking System Workflow


The process of recruitment uses a lot of artificial intelligence now. The company wants to develop a specific recruitment system that will help the entire recruitment process. The selection of the employees depends upon the results of the artificial system. These systems analyze the data of the applicants and give reviews to the recruiters. The applicant tracking system is an electronic method hiring managers use to recruit employees.

The Applicant Tracking System Workflow depends upon the employees applying. The system analyses the data of these applicants and divides it according to the categories. The ATS has a command of scanning the resume according to specific keywords, which the recruiter determines. These keywords might be particular abilities and skills. It might also be the qualifications the recruiter wants in the job position. The workflow depends upon the process of shortlisting and scanning.

Here we are discussing:

  • Definition of ATS workflow
  • ATS benefits in recruitment
  • Maintaining an agile talent acquisition process

What is Applicant Tracking System Workflow?

The workflow for the hiring process is the definition of the position the applicants are applying for. The ATS workflow is how the company selects employees through a particular system. They analyze the requirement of these candidates in general. The applicant submits their resume to the company usually. The initial selection of the candidates happens through a system workflow.

The Applicant Tracking System analyses all the applicants’ documents and gives a report. This analysis completely happens based on the keywords which the recruiter determines. These keywords are the skills and qualifications that the company wants from the employees. The further process of selection continues generally by the recruiter or hiring manager. The initial shortlisting happens through the applicant tracking system workflow.

What are the Benefits of ATS in Recruitment?

The Applicant Tracking System is very advantageous for the entire selection process. It reduces a lot of cost and time of recruitment for the company. The whole company creates a lot of benefits. These are:

Saving Time and Cost

Regular selection and shortlisting take a lot of time for the hiring managers to find the exact candidate. There are times when the company needs an appropriate employee with a particular skill and qualification. Using the ATS is very beneficial for the company to save time for the hiring managers. The system will easily shortlist the candidates with appropriate skills and qualifications. The system will also help the company reduce the high cost of the selection process. The applicant tracking system workflow helps the company to maintain quality employees in the business.

Manage Recruiting

The hiring process is very tricky for various companies making it chaotic. If the organization follows the general process of hiring, then it will end up in a mess. These companies hire employees for multiple positions at the same time. In the presence of an ATS, it is very easy for the company to manage the hiring process. Companies need to recruit employees at the stage of growth. The recruitment process should be very accurate and faster. Maintaining a system improves the recruitment process workflow.

Brand Building

Using the ATS is a great brand building for the company. The candidates will have a good interaction with the company through a system. The reputation of the organization will be positive in this case. The applicant tracking system workflow will help the company to maintain good interaction with the applicants. The system will control the communication between the recruiter and the applicant. It will be a positive brand building for the company with a good reputation.

Talent Maintaining

The applicant tracking system helps the company to maintain a good candidate pool. The system will help the company to analyze the candidates with good efficiency and qualification. Maintaining the records of these candidates will be beneficial for the future. The ATS will keep the records if the company does not require a particular candidate presently. If the company wants to hire certain employees for different job roles, they can check the records. Maintaining important data through the system is essential for the company.

No Hiring Bias

The company can eliminate any bias while using the applicant tracking system workflow. The discrimination possible during the general selection process is not there. There will be a uniform selection of candidates according to talent acquisition. The system will eliminate any unconscious bias that the selectors create. The company will have a positive reputation and better benefits. The performance and motivation of the employees to work will be very high. The candidates will also apply for job positions at a large number.

How to Maintain Agile Talent Acquisition Process?

The company needs to have an agile talent acquisition of selection. The company has to maintain specific steps to have a proper talent acquisition process of hiring. The steps are:

Team Structure

The team structure is essential for maintaining talent acquisition in the hiring process. It helps in maintaining the applicant tracking system workflow. Before the company performs the recruitment process, they need to gather the team. It will help the organization to analyze the particular requirement that they have.

Key Performance

Tracking the performance of the candidates is essential during the hiring process. Understanding the candidate’s talent is very important to keep talent acquisition in the process. With good candidate management, it becomes easier to manage jobs, candidates, and careers pages. The company must maintain relevant information about the candidate to have this knowledge.

Evaluation of Hire

The trial period for an employee the company selects is an essential step. To maintain proper talent acquisition, the company has to evaluate the performance of the candidates. Tracking the initial performance of the employees is essential for understanding talent acquisition and working ability. It benefits the applicant tracking system workflow.

Maintaining Stages

The selection process shall have a proper stage of selection. The company has to divide The selection process into different stages. These are:

  • First stage: Sourcing candidates and introduction to hiring managers
  • Second stage: Reaching out to applicants for data
  • Third stage: Screening, skill tests, and basic interviews
  • Fourth stage: Proper interview with managers and official selection

The company has to divide the selection process into stages. It will help them to maintain proper talent accusations in the process.


The ATS directly helps the company to maintain the workflow and positive recruitment. The system also allows the company to hire employees with great potential and talent. Using ATS is best for maintaining talent acquisition in the selection process. The applicant tracking system workflow is positive with the company’s working environment. The organization should have a proper determination of the requirements and skills which they have. It will help them to analyze their selection process properly. The selection process has much to do with the hiring managers and the recruiters.

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An applicant tracking system helps the hiring managers and recruiters in the recruitment process. It is software that does wonders when it comes to selecting the best candidate for the organization. There are a lot of choices in selecting an ats, but not are that much effective. Ats is just not only about hiring candidates it is much greater than that firstly choosing a good ats in terms of investment is mandatory who will benefit you in the long term as well. Pitch N Hire is the top AI applicant tracking software that solves all your queries and helps you fulfill all your goals in choosing the best workforce for your organization.

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