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Animаtiоn Studio: What Is It Аnd What Sеrvices Саn You Order In It?

Today, animation is more than full-length cartoons. Animators today create a lot of commercial projects that successfully help in advertising, presentation of business projects, attracting viewers, and just entertainment. Yes, all the animated videos that you come across on the Internet, from short gif animations to serial videos carrying a variety of messages, of them are created in animation studios!

If we take specifically what is an animation studio? This is a company whose goal is the production of an animated video on order. Often, only a couple of people work in such a company — for example, an administrator, designer, programmer, or computer technology specialist. There are, of course, large studios in which not only designers and animators work, but also:

  • Video operators,
  • Storytellers,
  • Composers,
  • Installation Specialists,
  • Directors,
  • Sound engineers,

Plus, depending on the capabilities of the studio, artists and designers who specialize in different styles of animation and computer graphics can work in its staff. For example, if the studio offers services in the field of motion design, then its staff will guarantee a specialist in the field of motion graphics and designers in this field. And if the company provides its customers with more services in the field of creating virtual reality, then among the specialists there can be both a programmer who knows how to work with virtual reality engines and an artist who is responsible for drawing specific objects.

Accordingly, if you are going to order a video or animation, you should determine for yourself in what style it should be created, and look for studios, whose portfolios there are similar works.

What Types of Commercial Animation Can Be Ordered in The Animation Studio

Today, animated videos are simply very popular. They are often very small in size, but the effectiveness of such video content is stunning: it is funny or interesting animated videos that draw the attention of the crowd and make them stop looking at the screen.

Among the popular animated business products are:

  • Promotional videos – animated ads are always in top views. And if it is also made in the original style, it captures the plot and is understandable – success is guaranteed.
  • Explainer videos – complex ideas – it’s easy! Short, 1-1.5 minute videos with animated elements are much easier to reveal the essence of an idea or purpose of the product. And they are, no doubt, much more interesting than text instructions.
  • Promotional video. To present yourself, your company and, products, Powerpoint presentations are not a good idea. To keep up with the times, it is better to choose a promotional video format that will be vivid and memorable for business partners or potential customers.
  • Short animated elements of websites – animated logos, screensavers, or doodle videos can bring your website to the top without using a painstaking selection of content.

And that’s not all! Animation studios can bring to life all the original ideas that you have in the best way. Perhaps it is the idea that you generated, embodied by talented animators, that will become a new trend in digital marketing.

Some Tips for A Customer

Today, there are many styles of animation and their combinations: from standard 2D and 3D rendering to whiteboard animation, motion design, retro design, and sketch. It can be difficult to understand them, but if you go to a professional animation studio, when drawing up the brief of your video they will explain in detail how they differ from each other.

And when choosing a studio to place your order, you should focus on the following factors:

  • Opportunities that the studio declares: for example, if animation studio Darvideo offers its services in the field of 3D animation and whiteboard animation, then you can with no doubts order these services from them. And if such services are not listed on the website, it is unlikely that the requirement to fulfill your order will be successful.
  • The portfolio is the face of any animation studio. If there are enough interesting works and extraordinary projects in different styles, this is an indisputable plus for such a studio.
  • And, of course, reputation: reading customer reviews are always helpful. If there are no negative reviews about the studio, but there are a lot of positive reviews, and not on one website, the chance to get into real animation geniuses is much higher.

Choose a studio to translate your ideas in the field of commercial animation carefully, because your image depends on the result of their work, as well as your well-being.

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