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All About Sales tax and its Calculation

The taxation system is one of the oldest systems. It is compulsory to pay a certain amount of money to the governing body of the nation based on an individual’s earnings. This tax payment helps in the development of infrastructure and many more public services in the public interest. Everything that we buy, from groceries to garments or electronic appliances, involves a certain amount of tax. All the classes of taxes that we know about fall into two types: direct tax and indirect tax. Some of the taxes that we pay directly to the government, like the income tax, corporate tax, wealth tax, etc., all come under the category of direct tax. The indirect tax includes sales tax, service tax, etc., which are taxes that can be paid indirectly. A better way to understand direct tax is that this tax is paid directly and cannot be sent or transferred to any other person, whereas indirect tax is different from direct tax in that the tax is paid indirectly and the tax is imposed on a product.

What is the Sales tax?

A sales tax is imposed on the sales of a certain product or service. Defining it broadly, we can say the tax that is imposed on the end consumer is sales tax. For example, if a farmer is selling his product to a wholesaler, the wholesaler has to get a resale certification to prove he is not the end consumer. Then the retailer buys the product and he has to go through the same process to get the certification. Finally, he sells the vegetable in the market to the consumer and the sales tax is applied to the final consumer.

Types of Sales Tax

Sales tax can be further categorized into two types: The first one is the retail or consumption tax, and the second is a value-added tax.

Consumption Tax

It is a traditional form of sales tax. A percentage tax is placed on the sale of a good.

Value-Added Tax

The tax amount is decided on the difference between the sales price and the input cost of the product. For example, if a retailer buys a product at twenty rupees and sells it at thirty rupees, the difference of ten rupees is the net tax.

The Advantages of Sales Tax

  • Sales tax is the only kind of tax that is equal to all the people. It doesn’t matter how much the individual’s income is in sales tax. The tax is taken on the number of products they consume.
  • Income tax varies on the amount of income of an individual, but in sales tax, the tax is the same for the whole population, and the tax office doesn’t have to keep any records for any individual.

Sales Tax Disadvantages

  • Manufacturing Costs: The increase in sales tax raises manufacturing costs. If the sales tax is high, the raw materials will also be higher in price, which will finally affect the ultimate consumer of the product.
  • Naturally Regressive: Sales tax is regressive by nature. Consumers can buy products even at a high price, but this affects the poor people in our society.

The Sales Tax Estimator

Sales tax varies based on the population and demand for that particular product in that area. A Sales tax calculator calculates the total percentage of sales tax yielded in a given particular city, area, and state. If we want to know the exact rate of sales tax, we have to enter our street number, locality state, and zip code of the area. Although the state allows us to rate the city on their sales tax, we will find the sales tax based on the state’s sales tax rate.

Sales tax is the backbone of all our economic development. So recently in the U.S., a proposal that came forward was the fair tax sales tax proposal. Some believe that the entire system of taxation should be based on the sales tax system due to the inherent advantages of this tax system. This will lift many burdens from the shoulders of the citizens, but it has not yet been passed as a permanent law.

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