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A Guide to Your Budget-Friendly Road Trip Around Europe

So, you’re planning your road trip around Europe, but you only have a budget to work off of; is it still possible to achieve such a riveting adventure? Fortunately, it is and we have put together a guide for you, to allow you to embark on this experience without breaking the bank.

Take A Suitable Car

By taking a suitable car that you know and can trust, you are less likely to find yourself having to spend any money on fixing it en route or covering any breakdown expenses. If you currently have a car that you don’t think will make it around Europe, but you can’t afford a new one, a great idea is to utilise Nissan finance. This way you can pay out a small amount each month and have a reliable car that you know will allow you to travel in style and comfort around the breath-taking continent that is Europe.

Additionally, think about the fuel consumption of the car before you make your purchase. You want something that is going to be able to last long distances; otherwise, this is going to cost an absolute fortune if you have to fill up every few miles.

Book In Advance

If you are travelling to Europe from the United Kingdom, it is advised that you book your ferry ride or euro star in advance to avoid an increase in price and to grab the best deal. This way you can save a tonne of money that can be spent on fuel, accommodation and activities once you are in Europe.

Get To Know Your Car

If you do buy a new car before your road trip, it is a good idea to get to know it really well before you hit the road. This means how it drives, the fuel you need to put in, how low your fuel gauge can go before you must fill up, how it copes over certain terrains, how to open the bonnet when you need to add fuel, window screen liquid so on and so forth.

By establishing these features on your car, you will find that your trip runs more seamlessly and if for some reason any problems arise, you are more likely to know the cause and severity if you know your car inside out.

What’s more, say for example you experience a flat tyre; it is handy to know if the car does have a spare one and how to fit it yourself. By knowing how to replace your tyre, you will save money on call out fees as well as repairs expenses.

Cash Withdrawals

When you take money out of your account in Europe it will charge you, therefore it is recommended that you open an account with Metro. By doing so, it will enable you to take money out for free, so you don’t waste any money on charges added to withdrawals.


Similarly to the UK, of course, you need to be insured to drive on the roads. However, when you initially look for a quote you may find that the price is rather extortionate. Therefore, if you opt for a regular insurance policy, it will allow you to go to Europe for a month at a time and won’t cost quite as much. So, do plenty of research when you look into insurance policies, so you don’t spend all of your money on it.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to travel around Europe on a budget and still have enough money to truly immerse yourself in the truly spectacular experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ethan

    December 29, 2018 at 10:37 am

    Thank you for this post! It is very useful information. Me and my family are going in trip next week and this is for us. Will use this tips and tricks! 🙂

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