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9 Tech Solutions That Can Help Students Automate Their Studying

If you want to succeed in college, technology can offer a helping hand. There are plenty of solutions that help automate processes and make learning faster and more efficient. In this article, you’ll find the top apps and platforms that will assist in this.

It is a perfect application to enhance your academic research. It is a large database of relevant and peer-reviewed sources students can access on their phones. There are more than 24 million sources on various subjects and topics.

One of the main benefits is that you can use it on the go and download PDFs to read offline. Another great feature is suggested sources. And you can also read the summary before committing to an article. is free and allows for streamlining the research process.


If you find yourself thinking, “Is there someone to do my paper for me?” WritePaper is the answer. This is a professional academic writing platform that assists students with all types of college assignments. The team of experienced authors delivers writing, editing, and proofreading on demand. And it can meet even the shortest deadlines, which can be a lifesaver.

With professional help, you can automate polishing your papers. Or you can ask experts to do it completely from scratch, giving students more free time. This is also a powerful opportunity to learn from the best and get insights into academic writing.

The best part is that the help is available 24/7, and you always get the best results.


This AI solution has been making headlines lately. Besides just being fun to talk to, it can automate a lot of educational tasks. With the right prompts and approach, learners can hugely benefit from ChatGPT.

Here is what you can do with it:

  • Ask it to summarize long articles or sources. This way, you might have a better idea of whether it is relevant to your research or not. Or you can use this feature to revise the material and get the key concepts quickly;
  • Students can also ask for the solution to correct grammar and spelling for any text. It is also helpful to ask for suggestions on how to make your writing better. Although it is not as good as working with human experts, getting feedback can be useful;
  • You can ask it to explain a complex concept easily. So if you are struggling to understand something, it can be extremely useful. After that, users might order the solution to give its sources and how you have links to publicly available articles or books on the matter to read more or add to your research.

Students might use this solution to prepare for exams and tests as well. You can ask it to create questions based on course material. And you can answer them in the chat and receive feedback afterward. This AI app is incredibly powerful and can serve as a learning assistant.


This is one of the top organizational apps out there. When it comes to automation of scheduling, it offers amazing opportunities. With this app, students can efficiently manage their time and make sure they fulfill all their responsibilities.

Here are just some things you can do with Todoist:

  • Create comprehensive schedules;
  • Automate routine activities and chores;
  • Set deadlines and reports;
  • Set reminders;
  • Write to-do lists;
  • Sync your schedule among devices.

Overall, this is a great solution to manage time and resources better.


Grammarly is quite straightforward. It is a grammar and spell-checking application that allows automating your proofreading. It is one of the best out there when it comes to the performance and correctness of suggestions. And it is free for basic features, which is a huge advantage.

The app covers grammar, spelling, punctuation, tautology, word usage, etc. The premium version has advanced functionality that is designed for professional use. The app also gives your text an overall score so you can know whether you need to keep working on it or not.

Don’t Be Late!

If you are struggling with making it on time to places or meeting deadlines, this app is exactly what you need. It is available for iOS and comes with a lot of useful functions, namely:

  • Scheduling;
  • Planning for several days;
  • Automating repeating tasks like getting to your campus;
  • Setting goals;
  • Setting priorities like ASAP or ALAP.

It is a marvelous organizational tool with an intuitive interface and all the essential features.


Soundnote is perfect for enhancing your note-taking. This iOS application records the lecture audio while you are taking notes at the same time. So you never miss anything that has been said.

This is a useful thing for revising the material and preparing for exams. Soundnote has amazing navigation. Students can click on the word from the notes, and it will take them to the exact place in the audio recording. For instance, you want to deepen your understanding or memorize a particular part. So you can go directly to this time stamp and listen to the lecture again.


As the name suggests, this solution is designed to assist students with Math problems. It is completely free and available on both Android and iOS. Students can type a specific Math problem they are struggling with and get an instant solution.

Or students can take a picture with their phones as well instead of typing. The best part is that you get not only a solution but also a comprehensive and detailed guide on how the problem was solved. This way, students can learn how to solve similar problems and build their Math skills.

It is an interesting solution that might be handy for those who struggle with concentration. Students can choose a perfect soundtrack for their session here, whether they need to focus, do deep work, or read.

The music used is based on scientific research on cognitive functioning. So you can use it to be more efficient whether you are looking for research paper writing services, reading an article, or working on a creative assignment. After all the work is done, students can choose “relax,” “sleep,” or “meditate” mode.

In Summary

These solutions are different in what problems they solve. But all of them are powerful and extremely helpful to students. Use these solutions to enhance and automate your studying.

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