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8 Reasons to Choose an Online Education in 2017

Online education will one-day eclipse brick and mortar. We might not be quite there yet, but there are plenty of reasons to already choose the online variety over the classroom kind.

As our economies become ever more information-based the returns on an education are becoming ever greater. Now, you could choose for a traditional education. You could go attend a university. The question is, is that really the best choice? After all, the way we deal with information has been transformed into something new.

So why should we learn about it the old way? Why stick with something that is old, solid and unoriginal when we can be part of the new, the groundbreaking, the cutting edge?

Don’t know what I mean? Well, consider some of these reasons that you should choose an online education over a traditional one.

It isn’t location dependent

Nowadays we can work remotely so why not study remotely as well? Sure, you might miss out on college life, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, the way to resist temptation is to make sure you don’t actually have any. And it’s a lot easier to hit the books when there isn’t somebody knocking on your door telling you about yet another party going on down the hall.

It isn’t just that, either. Living close to a college can be expensive. That isn’t something that you have to worry about when you’re studying online. You can live wherever you want. All you need is a good internet connection. Want to live in the country? Fantastic, go ahead. Want to live on a beach in Thailand? Fantastic, you can go right ahead and do that.

Heck, you can even become a digital nomad and move around.  Do your freshmen year in South America, your Sophomore year in Europe and then do your last two from a beach out in Asia.

It’s bleeding edge

Brick and Mortar institutions can be quite conservative. Maybe it’s because science only advances from funeral to funeral. Maybe it’s because of some other cause. Whatever the reason, if you want to know the newest and the coolest things going on, then you’re going to do better online. That’s where the best courses are and that’s where they know exactly what is going on.

You can attend universities that might otherwise not let you in

One of the great advantages of many courses online is that they’re from top-end universities. Universities that you might not otherwise be able to attend. Want to take a course from MIT? It’s just two clicks away. Want to go to some program at Harvard instead? Don’t try getting in the front door – the competition is too fierce. But it will be no trouble to attend at their online portal.

That means you can get an a-class education even if you didn’t do that well in high school. And I don’t have to tell you how phenomenally useful that will be in the years to come, do I?

You can have a job

Want to avoid that crushing pile of debt that many students are left with at the end of their education? Well, that’s a lot easier when you can actually work a more-or-less normal job along with your education.

You can do a day job and spend a few hours in the morning or evening and weekends on your course work. In that way, you can be gainfully employed and paying off your debts even as you earn your degree.

Even better, if you can get a job in a sector related to what you do, you’ll be in a position to directly apply what you’re learning. And that means that it’s far more likely that the information will actually stick around for the long haul.

And that has to be the point of getting an education, no? Sure, getting the piece of paper is nice, but what it represents is what it’s all about.

You can spend time with family

In the same way that you can spend time on not digging a deep debt hole, you can also make sure that you actually have time to spend with your loved ones. And that is incredibly important – both because they need us to take care of them as well as we need them to be there to support us.

When you’re studying from home, then you’re never far from those that mean the most to you. They can then, in turn, help you make the most of your online education by giving you the support you need. If you have an opportunity to use services for help, such as Writing judge, use it. But don’t forget about family.

You can vary your speed

Don’t understand a topic? Then you can slow it right down until you get to grips with it. Got something down with a first reading? Well, then you can move ahead. That’s the fantastic thing about doing things online.

You can do them at the speed that suits you best. In this way, you can make sure you really understand what you’re learning, rather than having to hope that you’ll have enough time to come back to it later when you’re preparing for exams.

It’s more multi-cultural

In many programs, you’re able to work with people from other parts of the world. That means you’re not just going to get a degree, but you’re going to have the chance to see what other people do, believe and want out of life.

Even better, once you’re done you’ll have friends in every corner of the world that you can call on. That means that you won’t just have a degree, but you’ll have a reason to travel and see the world.

Heck, you don’t even have to wait to finish a degree before you go see them. Perhaps you can travel from country to country, from classmate to classmate. It’s all possible. All you need is an address and a cheap flight.

The technology is getting better

It used to be that if you watched an online educational video about basket weaving you’d struggle to make out what part of the video was the basket and what part of the video was the instructor’s face.

Not anymore.

Today, the technology is getting better and better. From high-quality videos to sharing tools. From new apps that help, you collaborate with programs that write your speech into text. The sky is the limit. And that means that the few barriers that there were to choose an online education are fading fast. It won’t be long before online surpasses brick and mortar. And then you’ll already have the degree!

Last words

Education is moving online. It’s unavoidable. After all, online you can have 1000 students following one course. Online you can attend a class from New York or New Zeeland. Online you can bring so much more to bear.

It’s not a question of if, but only of when.

Chances are, the courses that you want to take are more affordable today than they will be somewhere down the line and the degrees being offered by the big universities might not be available anymore somewhere down the line when the online educational sphere has become more established.

So go on, jump on board. Be one of the pioneers of this new movement. Move out into the digital realm and become a native while there’s still possibilities to be had. For who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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Malia Keirsey is an enthusiastic blogger from Chicago. She is eager to become a professional writer and web designer. Malia shares her experience by means articles related to different areas. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.



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