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8 Different Teachers We Have All Encountered in our Lives

Looking back, have you ever realized how far you have come? From reading pocket charts, now that you are knowledgeable stocks or the society, you think of all the things and people that helped you grow. With no debate at all, we inevitably think about our teachers.

But just for fun, let’s reminisce the different types of teachers we have encountered in our lives. Maybe we met them when we are still in elementary, high school, or even in college and postgraduate studies. Let us see how many of the following you have met:

The Strict

The strict teacher is always on time and hates late! He or she makes sure that all of the requirements are passed, on time and with quality. This teacher doesn’t let simple things slip away. If it needs to be talked about or discussed, you should! You might mistake her for being too tough and military-like, but we all know there are love and compassion in what he or she is doing.

However, let us not blur the lines between strict and some of the hurtful teachers. Though strict teachers are very rule-abiding and tough, they don’t hurt their students. They just simply want to get things done correctly and in the right manner.

For sure, many of us attribute our discipline with the strict teachers we have met in our lives. A snappy salute to all of you!

The Comedian

Others think studying is a serious business and there’s nothing to laugh about. Boo! Maybe they don’t know how precious the comedic teachers are. These gems make things lightly and give our journey in education a good laugh. They crack jokes well and make the class laugh with their witty and classic jokes (no sexist and offensive jokes involved!).

For all we know, these funny teachers also face hard times in their lives. Some of the are on the brink of resignation or losing their job for particular reason; others are thinking how much little money left to their family, they think about their problems that they choose to hide or cover with their smiles and laughs. They don’t want to let their troubles get in the way of making our education fun, even if they are hurting inside.

Now, can you still recall all the jokes, funny or not so much, your teachers shared with you?

The Business and Open-minded

A quick disclaimer: we don’t shame our teachers for selling stuff when they shouldn’t. We humbly understand the context they are coming from. It is not something to be joked about, but we can learn about it.

The business and open-minded teachers extend their knowledge from teaching to selling. They are risking what they have to make sure they can earn extra, for they badly need it. Little did we know that our teachers do not earn that much. Maybe before, we hate or don’t understand what motivates them to act such way.

Hopefully, now that we are in our different professions, we use our means and ways to alleviate the situation of our dearest teachers.

The Relaxed

Stressed? Too many tasks? Problems and concerns? For the chilling and relaxing teachers, they are all nothing! For some reason, the things we find problematic don’t bother them at all. They teach well and efficiently even if they are faced with different problems. They can ride with your jokes and answer your questions perfectly.

We aspire to be as cool as our relaxed teachers, right? Now that we are also working and juggling different tasks, we wonder how come these teachers were able to chill in the first place or act as if everything’s fantastic. Indeed, they inspire us in every way even if we are already done in school.


Though we all know most, if not all, of our teachers are very responsible and capable of delivering the tasks given to them, we can’t deny that some just… I don’t know what happened to them. One of which is the MIA or missing in action teachers. They are the ones you thought you could trust with your education but they will leave you when they need you the most! You don’t understand why but they are always late, not prepared and worst, not coming to work (and not even leaving a single task for you to do).

Some students love these MIA teachers for they have more time to do what they need to cram or something they just wanted to. But come to think of it, we come to school to learn and not play around especially during our supposed class hours. Nevertheless, we are sincerely hoping that these MIA teachers will find their way back to the light of being responsible teachers.

The Feelstrip Driver

Our age has been exposed to different lifestyle and genre of things. One of the most hyped up stuff in our generation is “hugot.” It is like “pulling out” or relating feelings or emotions to different matters, even into the things we thought to have no relation with love at all. Our feelstrip driver in class, this kind of teachers, surely know the ins and outs of hugot!

A teacher may be the master in Math but also on how to relate it to your exes, problematic and left unanswered questions. Seriously, why do we keep on looking for Xs and Ys?

Who knows, these teachers might just be knowledgeable with hugot. Maybe they want to jive well with their students that’s why they talk about feelings as well in their respective subjects. On the other hand, some of our feelstrip driver in class is really into something. They went through heart-wrenching breakups, they have lost their loved ones, have a bad relationship now with their best friends or whatnot. Admittedly, they have great stories to tell.

The Rap God

Each teacher has a unique way of teaching. They employ different techniques to make our class exciting and worthwhile. For sure, we have all encountered at least one teacher who teaches like a rap god. They do things in a speedy and smooth manner just like how Eminem raps. How do they even do that?

Aside from talking fast, some of them even bless us with their precious saliva. Come on, let us not make such big deal out of it. We know that these are just accident and they don’t want them to happen at all! We are just hoping that our rap god teachers have time to inhale and exhale, or basically to breathe.

The Lullaby Master

Our teachers surely have a magic – they can make or help us understand things, see the world in different perspectives, and many more. And one of the powers our teachers have is their manner of speaking. Some are very commanding, while others make us very comfortable… even to the extent of making us asleep. They are the lullaby masters.

With all due respect, there is also the student factor on why students fall asleep in class. Maybe they went to bed really late, or simply out of focus, and then you will add the sweet melody of the voice of your beloved teacher. Nonetheless, sleeping in class should not always be tolerated!

No matter who is our teachers on the list we have created, one thing’s for sure – they have significant impacts on our lives. We won’t be able to reach where we are if not for our dedicated, passionate and hard-working teachers. Who would have thought we would go this far from using pocket charts, chalk and markers, now to presenting in business, operating in hospitals and doing other important and noble things in life?

Again, many thanks to our beloved teachers!

Written By

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write various topics . She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.

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