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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Builder for Your Log Cabin

It is a big financial decision to decide to build that dream log home you have always wanted. It can also be a challenge to find the right builder that will realize that dream. Here are some tips when you are looking for the right one:

Distribute a Log Home Design

Usually, a homeowner has more than a good idea of what they are looking for in a log home design plan. You want to choose a builder that will be the one who can most cost-efficiently and effectively realize that dream, So, make a copy of the potential blueprint design of your log home and take it to a list of at least five builders and compare their assessments.

Consider Hiring a Local Builder

When you do distribute that log home design, try to stick with local builders. A builder who lives and works in the area of your home is not only more familiar with the landscape and some potentially good property to build it on, but you can see if they work with local manufacturers and are usually able to get supplies to your site much more quickly.

Expertise in Types of Material

Any log home builder should be well-versed in all types of wood that can be used to be a durable log cabin home. They should choose a wood that suits the environment in which you are considering building the home, and the type of wood that is most agreeable to the design you have chosen.

Take an Impromptu Tour

You can see your potential log home builder in action if you make an unscheduled visit to his place of business or log home sites. Many builders have their own unique methods of constructing a log home that you would probably want to see for yourself to assess not only the workmanship but the aesthetics of how they construct their log homes.

Ask for a Quote

Don’t settle right away on the first quote that you get—like anything else, shop around. With so many types of log home builder kits on the market and varying components that go along with them, it is best to compare quotes from at least 5-8 different log home builders before you settle on just one. This includes sitting down with your top three candidates and asking if more fat can be trimmed from the budget after you see their initial quote.

Request References

The first five tips don’t matter if you don’t take the time to ask for references from your potential log home builder. This includes actually visiting the homeowners, if possible, and asking them specific questions about the process they experienced with the builder as well as actually seeing the log home that was built.

Check with Professional Organizations

If a builder is not reputable, then their local builders’ association will usually know about it. This can include checking on state building licensure and if they are a builder that is in good standing with the state you are in. You can also contact the state attorney general’s office who will make you aware of any past and pending lawsuits associated with the builder you are considering.

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