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7 Steps to Edit Papers Like an Essay Editing Service Writer

All college students have to write a great variety of essays, as well as many other academic papers. They help to develop different skills and enrich the student experience. The process of writing also includes in-depth research and the revision stage. The last stage combines editing work that helps a student to check his/her paper to be sure it’s free of mistakes. Not all students handle this stage successfully. They lack this crucial skill and aren’t able to detect weak aspects of writing.

As a result, the Internet gets overcrowded with many online requests that sound like this – Who will help me to edit my essay? They hope to find a reliable essay editing service to find a professional corrector who can solve all their editing complications. Nonetheless, it’s only one of the available ways to overcome this obstacle. You can bring your English correction skills to a higher level of quality by following several smart steps. They are described here below and they will help to handle the editing stage without custom editing and writing services.

Get Organized

Your first step is to organize the working process. If you don’t want to miss something crucial, your discipline should be high. Firstly, define all the demands. You will have to compose your essay in a certain format. It may be:

  • MLA;
  • APA;
  • Harvard;
  • Chicago;
  • Turabian, etc.

According to the assigned format, check:

  • The presentation of the title page;
  • Bibliography;
  • Number of pages;
  • Margins;
  • Fonts;
  • Size, etc.

It’s necessary to have all the necessary editing tools close at hand. It should everything standard, as well as anything that helps you to be effective, fast, and precise. These may be:

  • Pens and pencils;
  • Papers;
  • Textbooks and guides;
  • Digital apps, etc.

Avoid Repetitive Phrases

Many students repeat themselves and it deprives them of many crucial grades. They write the same of quite similar phrases and claims. If it takes place, your teacher may think that you don’t know what you are writing about and thus try to fill in the gaps with the same words. It’s a huge mistake that should be avoided.

To avoid repetitions, make sure you expand your active vocabulary regularly. It can be done every day and you don’t have to learn hundreds of words and synonyms. It’s enough to learn at least 10 new words from different spheres. Thus, you steadily enrich your vocabulary to be original and creative.

Eliminate Filler Words

The third step is to check and get rid of the so-called filler words. Good writers are precise and use the right words. The common filler words are:

  • There;
  • Here;
  • It, etc.

For example, you may want to write the following sentence – It’s fun to read books.

Replace this sentence with – Reading is fun of your own.

Get Rid of Weak Verbs

Another step to follow is to remove weak “to be” verbs. These are:

  • Am;
  • Is;
  • Are;
  • Was;
  • Were;
  • Been, etc.

Check an example:

  • Weak: They were not enjoying reading.
  • Strong: They hated reading.
  • Stronger: the reading process repulsed them.

Replace Weak Adjectives

One more step to follow is to avoid weak adjectives. Amongst such are really, very, and similar ones. Check our suggestions:

  • Weak sentence: She was really scared of her future exam.
  • Strong sentence: She was terrified of her future exam.
  • Stronger sentence: Her future exam terrified her.

Give Heed to Your Grammar

Undoubtedly, the revision stage is expected to check grammar. You ought to give heed to various elements of every essay, term paper, case study, and other piece of writing. Pay attention to:

  • Tenses;
  • Verbs;
  • Adjectives;
  • Passive constructions;
  • Commas;
  • Fragment sentences, etc.

Obligatorily brush up your grammar skills daily. You can also use special grammar checkers, similar to Grammarly. They may detect the mistakes you may omit.

Consider Professional Support (Just in Case)

Oftentimes, the circumstances are stronger than we are and we need the help of someone else. Thus, many students commonly buy professional help for sale on custom proofreading websites. You can find an experienced editor and proofreader to successfully handle your editing stage.

It’s important to collaborate with a reliable service. All highly reputed sites can be identified by certain features. These are:

  • Top-quality;
  • On-time deliveries;
  • Relatively cheap prices;
  • Full privacy;
  • Other academic skills;
  • 24/7 accessibility;
  • Chargeless conditions, etc.

You can easily find a reliable website to proofread any piece of writing. Simply use precise search words and compare all the available options. Don’t forget about the steps highlighted above. They show how every student can edit his/her academic papers without anybody’s assistance.

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