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7 Quick Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relievers

Managing persistent plantar fasciitis discomfort can feel like a full-time job. Whether you spend most of your waking hours at work, at home, or on the go, it can be challenging to make time for frequent pain treatment.

Managing persistent plantar fasciitis discomfort can feel like a full-time job. Whether you spend most of your waking hours at work, at home, or on the go, it can be challenging to make time for frequent pain treatment.

Many easy yet effective therapies for quick plantar fasciitis relief are available practically anywhere, at any time.

Here are seven quick and easy ways to make your heels and arches feel wonderful in no time! Use them for a brief 15-minute break at work, at home while watching TV, or even while running errands!

1. Massage your feet

A golf ball, tennis ball, or Mobility Ball can give you relaxation and pain relief throughout the day. Keep it in your purse, desk, or drawer at home for a low-cost, efficient massage tool. Use the ball while sitting at your computer, or take a short break from standing to roll the ball beneath your foot with consistent pressure. Don’t be afraid of “hot spots” of discomfort. When you reach a vulnerable spot, apply constant pressure for several seconds (without producing sudden or extreme pain) before rolling the ball again.

This massage’s pressure distracts the brain’s pain receptors, increases blood flow to the arch and heel, and breaks down painful adhesions (improperly repaired tears) on the plantar fascia ligament. Put the ball in the freezer at the start of the day for extra relief and soothing cold treatment!

2. Slip on an Ice Pack

Icing is an excellent approach to relieving heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. Icing provides short pain relief and aids patients in returning to work and sporting activities more quickly after an accident.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a dripping, sloppy affair! At work, wear affordable Ice Pack Slippers that conform to the bottom of your foot, stay in place with soft velcro straps, and deliver relief where it is most needed! Ice Pack Slippers can be kept in your home or office freezer and then worn during a 15-minute break to rest your feet.

A bag of frozen peas or corn in a plastic bag can also make an easy homemade ice pack. Frozen veggies make better ice packs than ice from your freezer because the microscopic particles adapt better to the curves of your foot!

3. Stretch

About 83% of patients can improve their plantar fasciitis pain using stretching. You can do several stretches whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Stretching is one of the most effective strategies to relieve pain and repair plantar fasciitis because it increases the plantar fascia ligament’s flexibility, strength, and stretch.

If you have access to a wall, a stone, a stairway, or a belt, you can get immediate relief from your heel pain while gradually strengthening your plantar fascia! These stretches take only a few minutes and are basic and easy to remember!

4. Try Dry Cupping

Dry cupping may appear weird at first. It entails placing a cup on the skin and creating a vacuum to provide negative pressure to the area, which promotes blood flow, relieves discomfort, and breaks up adhesions to the plantar fascia.

Dry cupping can be done in around 10 minutes utilizing affordable cupping kits whenever you have a few minutes to sit down. Cupping can cause red, bruise-like circles on your feet, but don’t worry; they’re not unpleasant and will fade after a few days.

5. Use Toe Separators

Toe separators gently encourage toes to uncurl to a healthy position by elongating shrunken tendons that have become short and tight. Toe stretchers also increase blood flow to the feet, which helps to break down adhesions, alleviate heel and foot discomfort, and strengthen muscles and ligaments in the toes and beyond.

When sitting or lying down (writing an email, watching TV, or whenever you have 10-15 minutes! ), use Toe Separators to stretch and straighten your foot and toes gently. Not only will your feet and toes be stronger afterward, but they will also feel amazing!

If you spend much time on your feet, orthotic inserts will help cushion your feet and prevent pain while walking. Heel Seats are plantar fasciitis inserts that lift the foot’s arch to the appropriate position to relieve pain from heel spurs while also targeting pressure spots in the foot for quick pain relief. The nicest feature of this treatment is that it may be used while walking or standing! There’s no reason for you to quit what you’re doing.

6. Use Night Splints at Night and Orthotics During the Day

If you spend most of your day sitting, a Night Splint can help keep your foot softly stretched and ease pain while you write emails, read a book, watch TV, or relax on the couch. Many persons with plantar fasciitis choose to wear orthotic inserts and night splints at all times, whether they are resting or standing/walking. Many podiatrists advocate these splints since consistency is one of the most important components in recovering from heel pain.

7. Try TENs Therapy

TENS therapy, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a relatively new treatment for plantar fasciitis. It stimulates the nerves in the feet with modest amounts of electrical current to enhance blood flow and disrupt the body’s pain signals. Some TENS devices resemble a pair of sandals that you can wear beneath your desk at work, while sitting on the couch at home, or even when lying in bed first thing in the morning. Other TENS machines resemble little telephones, with electrodes connected that can be put on various regions of the foot.

TENS therapy considerably helps reduce inflammation, stiffness, pain in the plantar fascia, and pain during walking and other activities.


If those methods don’t help and your pain persists for more than two weeks, you should visit a doctor. You may try to search “plantar fasciitis doctor near me” to find one nearby. However, check their qualifications and patient reviews to find the best professional.

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