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6 Key Considerations When Switching To Payroll Software

payroll software

A 2014 study shows that over 94% of small business owners consider payroll software as among TOP 10 best business innovation this century. Indeed, the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) says that over 65% of enquires received on its customer page revolves around payroll software highlighting the importance of this business tool.

The Ultimate Payroll Solution

Well, you cannot gainsay the place of an effective innovation that helps you manage the hitherto taxing payroll for your business. Such software helps save time, reduce HR costs, manage multiple payroll requirements at the same time and comply with regulatory guidelines. In essence, this is the ultimate solution to counter myriad problems associated with payment administration.

Changing to Payroll Software

While payroll software is critical for your operations there are some factors that come into play. These are the ones that determine success of the new system and include:

1. Resources

It is crucial to determine who will be running the new system. As such consider whether your business has well qualified personnel to install and implement this software. What’s more consider whether the vendor provides consulting services before finally making the switch.

2. Integration

In your company you already have a system that you currently use to manage payroll. It is important to consider whether the new system will be able to easily integrate with what you already have or you will have to overhaul everything.

You have to consider whether both systems will run side-by-side without compromising management of the payroll. When you get payroll software at you will get invaluable advice on how to seamlessly integrate your old system to the new product.

3. Timing

There is never a best time to make this fundamental change but it is wise to make a switch after a quarter end. This means most of the previous issues will have been catered by your old system and you will thus start afresh when you start using the new payroll system. Such time of the year is most convenient as it allows you to simply import history data from the previous years.

4. Data Transfer

This is another crucial consideration as it determines how seamless the process will be. You have to consider whether data transfer and conversion will be done manually or whether it is easy to customize the new payroll software to suit your needs. This process is critical and all care must be taken to ensure data is transferred accurately.

5. Customer Support

As you shop for a vendor consider that new technology always has issues and as such look for one that provides high quality technical support. You might not have resources to employ new personnel to handle the system and hence such support comes in handy to provide stability for your payroll. Look for 24/7 customer support in order to ensure all-round assistance whenever need arises.

6. References

There are hundreds of vendors out there but to ensure you get the best deal make sure you look for references and recommendations from other similar business owners. It is advisable to have a look at how effective these systems are before finally deciding to make the much needed change.

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