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5 Ways to Make Extra Cash Selling Your Old Clothes Online

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money is by selling old items, particularly old clothing. Thrift shops are the perfect example of how pre-loved items can definitely still find new owners and have a new use. And with the advent of the internet, selling old clothes is now faster than ever.

Here are 5 ways in which to make extra cash by selling your old clothes online:

1. Create an account at an online marketplace.

There are plenty of websites where you can create an account and sell clothes online. Be sure to choose a reliable one, with security features that will protect both you and your prospective buyers. You’ll need to post good quality photos of your old clothes, as well as add an honest yet appealing description that will surely capture the interest of people checking out your listing.

2. Download an app for easy upload of items.

For those who are always on the go and don’t really have a lot of time to spare sitting in front of a laptop and navigating an online marketplace’s website, mobile apps are the way to go. They’re a lot simpler, and more straightforward, allowing you to upload your item’s photos, add in a description, and scroll through other seller’s stuff without having to deal with a wider screen of options.

3. Use social media to your advantage.

If you’ve ever tried to explore pages on Facebook, you’d have found plenty that sold products or used items. Similarly, Instagram has become a platform for a lot of small-time entrepreneurs to sell their old and new items. Use social media networking sites to your advantage and make a profit when you sell clothes online to people on these networks.

4. Put up your items for auction.

Auction sites can have members place bids on your item for a given length of time, with the highest bidder awarded the right to buy the item when the bidding time’s up. For auctions, it’s generally best to start off with a slightly higher asking price, which could serve as the average selling price as the bidding commences.

5. Join an online swap party.

Ever heard of a swap party? These are essentially gatherings where people attend with items they want to be swapped, and leave with another person’s item(s). In essence, you’re not really making money with a swap party, but there are instances where there’s no suitable swap to be made. When this happens, you can usually offer to buy an item for a nominal price, and the same can be done for your item as well. Swap parties are also available online, with certain websites offering worldwide free membership.

In the not so distant past, people really only had two options to sell pre-loved items: pack everything up to take to the nearest consignment store and risk being turned away, or post up your items on eBay along with all the other similar clothing apparel other people uploaded. It’s fortunate that there are now a ton of websites that cater specifically to online reselling. Making some extra cash on old clothes is now definitely loads easier and faster.

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I am Tahir . A developer, blogger and technology expert. With 15 year plus, development experience with online shopping carts, system development, Payment gateways and much more. I love writing, blogging, traveling and like to explore new places in the world.

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