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5 Unique Ways To Reap Maximum Benefit From Microsoft Outlook is officially launched by Microsoft. It has said goodbye to Hotmail, the webmail service of Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook is the new emailing platform which is licked with desktop Office apps. With Microsoft has brought significant change to the email strategy. You will soon forget about Hotmail. Garb this new change in emailing! signifies a major transformation for Microsoft so far as interaction through mails is considered. Microsoft Outlook comes with some interesting features and strategies so that you can make the most of it. What are those features? How can you reap greater benefits from Microsoft Outlook? All these questions can be aptly answered, if you take a quick glimpse at these tips given below.

Know How to Enjoy Greater Advantages from

1.       Sharing the Schedule

Microsoft Exchange Server gives you the provision of sharing the calendar with your contacts. You can also publish Outlook 2010 calendar over the internet so that other people can view it. For publishing the calendar in web, you are not required to possess any Exchange account. When a calendar is published, it becomes visible to one and all, even to the ones who do not have Exchange account.

2.       Get along with the Conservation     

Your work may demand you to converse with a number of individuals over the mails. When you are responding to such huge number of emails, there is high propensity of missing one of those mails. Now, important issues are dealt with in such mail conversation. So, can you imagine the impact of missing one such vital email conversation? Your problem is resolved by Conversation View in Outlook. You can now see all your emails within the conversation context.

Check the entire conversation together with the responses, trace the recent responses and figure out which message is important for you.

3.       No more Repetition

Moving the mail messages to some specific folder, forwarding emails to some individual or team – there are many such works which you do quite often. To make your task much easier, you now have Quick Steps in Microsoft outlook 2010. Just a click and your regular procedures and commands will be turned into actions. It’s that simple!

4.       Protect Whatever You Send

Email is no doubt a very easy mode of communication with any individual. However, sometimes you may not want your mail to get copied, printed or forwarded to others. Information Right Management has come up to fulfill your wish. With this app, you can restrict any sensitive email from getting copied, forwarded, read or printed by some unauthorized individual.

5.       Contact Information at Your Fingertip

Storing the contact info in your PC takes up its space as well as needs to be updated manually from time to time. No more of storing contact info in your PC anymore. Global Address List in Outlook tracks all info for you – email address, building locations, contact numbers and other such information for your convenience.

Use these apps so that you can experience maximum benefit from Microsoft Outlook 2010. Emailing will surely be a new experience for you!

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Don Reisin is the proficient online pc repair engineer who can provide you detail knowledge about Outlook 2010. Outlook Backup services from this individual are of great help.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emily Woodhouse

    September 26, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    I would think the big benefit of Outlook is that it runs on your machine and you have complete control over what happens to it.

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