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5 Things to Consider Before Selling a Car

if you need to sell your old car, there’s a very good chance that someone will buy it from you!

In the US, 84.6% of us have a driver’s license. This means that if you need to sell your old car, there’s a very good chance that someone will buy it from you!

But just because chances are high that you’ll sell doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get top dollar for your used car. Without putting some thought and planning into this process, you’ll be disappointed by the low offers you’ll receive.

Here are 5 things to consider before selling your used car. We’ll also give you some good sites to sell a car on!

Get Familiar With the Market

For anything that involves money, it’s worth it to take some time and do some research. After all, if you don’t have some inkling of how much your used vehicle is worth, how will you know if you’re selling it for a good price or not?

Do some digging and find out approximately how much your car is worth, based on its year, model, and condition (including mileage). You should also take into consideration how much people in your local area are paying for either the same car or similar ones.

You should also research when and where it’s most popular to buy your type of vehicle. For example, trucks might fetch a higher price in rural areas since more people are living a rugged lifestyle. And convertibles might sell for more in the summer since more people want to ride around with the top down.

Make Your Car Pristine

People usually make small repairs and stage their houses before selling to make them as attractive as possible. You should apply the same idea to your vehicle!

If you’ve got little bumps and scrapes on your vehicle, get them fixed pronto. You’ll also want to replace a cracked windshield or broken rearview mirror. And get that piece of duct tape off your headlight and have that replaced too.

Spend some money on a complete detail of your car so every inch of it is clean and pristine. Hang an air freshener inside, but make sure to choose a scent that’s not too overwhelming or overpowering.

Do keep in mind that these steps aren’t intended to fool potential buyers. Of course, you’ll still want to be completely honest about the history of your car. But first impressions are everything, so make sure you put your best foot forward here.

Remember to Get Rid of All Personal Information

You don’t want to accidentally give the new owner access to your subscriptions. Or even worse, you don’t want them getting your sensitive data. So you want to do your due diligence in removing all personal information from your car.

Sit down and think of all your subscriptions and devices linked to your vehicle. For instance, you might have a navigation system, satellite radio, and OnStar.

Go through each device’s program and ensure they’re factory reset and/or have their subscriptions canceled. You’ll also want to remove your login details.

For things that keep search histories and other details, you’ll also want to make sure these things are deleted. Not only does this remove your personal information, but it also gives the new owner a fresh start.

Know Your Options for Selling

There are several ways to sell your car, and you need to know the pros and cons of each to make a better-informed decision. Your main choices are selling independently, to a dealer, or through a third party.

If you sell independently, you don’t have to worry about someone taking a cut, which means you’ll pocket 100% of the money. You’ll also be able to sell for a higher price. However, you’ll have to do all the work yourself (listing your car, vetting potential buyers, meeting with them, signing paperwork, etc.), which can be exhausting.

Selling through a dealer is a good option if you originally bought your car there. You might be able to trade it in for a new vehicle in this case.

This also gets rid of your car instantly, without having to wait for sellers. However, you’ll get less for it.

It’s the same idea with a third-party service; instant sale but lower price.

Consider Sites to Sell a Car

Thanks to the internet, there’s a very convenient way to sell your car: online! This counts as a third-party service, but instead of dealing with in-person sales, you can do (almost) everything from the comfort of your own home.

The beauty of dealing with the online world is that there are so many choices. But the sheer number of options can leave you feeling lightheaded, so it’s good to get a headstart with a vetted list of sites to sell on.

For example, there’s AutoTrader, eBay Motors, and Craigslist to try selling a car. Explore each site, see what it has to offer, then choose one that suits your needs and preferences best. Keep in mind that some will take a cut, while others will take care of delivery and transport for you.

Selling a Car Is Easy

Now that you’ve read this article, we hope it’s made it a lot easier for you to sell your old vehicle. With all our tips and advice (such as sites to sell a car), you’ll be able to get top dollar for your vehicle. Whether you want a new car or you need some cash for another big-ticket item, you’ll certainly have it by using the information found in this article!

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