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5 Simple Steps to Writing a Good Compare and Contrast Essay

Most of the educational subjects at colleges and universities aim to develop students’ creative thinking and writing skills, include writing formats such as essays and essays. An essay is written according to the plan, and depends on the type of essay —  it may be a discussion, description, narration, analysis of a literary text, or comparative characteristics of literary concepts. When you analyze the differences or identities of two different subjects, you have to conduct a comparative analysis writing a compare and contrast essay. At first, creating this paper seems a little challenging, but after using several practical, you will be able to write a good essay. So, let’s look at five simple steps to succeed in writing a compare and contrast paper.

Picking Up Two Comparable Things

Select two things that are different enough to contrast them. You can pick up the subjects from one category but have some considerable differences. For instance, homemade sweets vs. sweets from the store might be a good topic for your paper.

Bring Out the Main Points

The next tip on how to write a compare and contrast essay is to identify what points you should highlight as you can’t list all identities or differences the subject you have picked up. Three or four main points might be enough to compare your selected things. Don’t forget to develop a thesis statement summarizing the conventional ideas of the presented points.

Collect the Necessary Information

Before starting the writing process, gather enough information about each compared item. You should know their strengths and shortcomings to provide your reader with accurate statements. Define which facts you will use at the beginning of your work, which ones will be involved in the central part, and what statement would be great to conclude your paper. If it sounds quite complicated to you, there is seek for promotional deals such as a speedypaper discount.

Do Your Composition Well-Structured

An essay has to be well-structured and readable, so you need to make efforts to do it well. It’s not just googling, “Who can do my math homework?” in your bid to find a reliable service. The issue with essay writing is more complicated. You should stick to the following structure:

  1. An introductory part catches and holds your reader’s attention to the compared subjects and let him know what you are going to write about. That’s why you should create a strong thesis statement that gives a clear message to everyone who will read it.
  2. The central part consists of three or four paragraphs. Don’t write long sentences and complicated words. It’s better to write essay alternating short and long sentences. If you find any unknown words in descriptions, don’t be lazy to look them up and replace them with simple vocabulary.
  3. Sum up all your ideas in the final part and give your concluding opinion repeating the concept of a thesis statement from your introduction, but not to write it word for word.

Edit Your Paper

It’s the last step in writing point by point compare and contrast essay. When your composition is ready, put it aside for a while to get your head straight and have an opportunity to have a fresh look at your paper later. Then, read it, looking for grammar mistakes or misspelt words. After that, read your work aloud to make sure you have used proper punctuation and grammar. Ask a family member or a friend to be the first listener who can give constructive criticism.

Of course, if you don’t feel like writing this type of paper, you manage to ask the academic helpers, “Can you do my homework for me cheap and fast?” but then you won’t be able to enjoy the writing process.

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