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5 Signs Your Friend is in Serious Danger

Sometimes we may accidentally fall into deep and serious trouble that we ourselves are unable to determine until it is too late. It is for this reason that you should be able to choose good friends who will always have your back and can be able to read the warning signs before it is too late.

Friends who correct and regularly advice you and get very concerned about your behaviour and are truly worried are friends’ worth to keep. At times we may be struggling with a problem because we are ashamed of it thinking that it is just a phase that will fade away and in turn end up to be a great threat and a problem. One of this problem is the struggle of alcoholism. Here are some of the signs of alcohol addiction that show your friend is in serious danger.

Social drinks getting in the way of life. You will notice that your friend has a serious drinking problem if he or she makes drinking part of his or her life and when asked, he or she says it to be just a social drink with friends. The social drinks are accepted but when they become regularly to almost daily, that is a clear sign that your friend is in danger and require help.

Getting more than 0.09 alcohol content in a blood test. This amount of alcohol in the blood means that your friend is an addict and take in about 4 or 5 bottles in a day. When it reaches to this level, quitting may become hard for the user and at times may grow angry for no reason especially if you bring up the topic with anything related to alcoholism. Once this is noticed you need to find professional help for your friend.

Drinking even when not supposed to. If you notice that your friend drinks even when taking medication or when undergoing diagnosis, then your friend has a serious drinking problem. Things like sickness or a prescription should be able to keep your friend away from the drink but if this is not the case, in that he or she continuous to drink even when under medication, then your friend is in danger of great alcohol addiction.

Victim of peer pressure. This is another sign that your friend is in great danger if he or she cannot be able to say no to a free drink at any time. You need to be able to say no to misleading friends or be able to schedule your appointment with them. If you become dependent on alcohol in that you are always in search of your peer influencers to buy you a drink, then you are in serious danger.

Being restless, unsteady and trembling when not drunk. This is one of the signs of withdrawal. By this stage, your friend is an addict and without immediate professional attention, things may go south. Trembling because of lack of alcohol intake for a day means your body is dependent on the alcohol. This is a major problem if your friend drinks to calm nerves.

Alcoholism is something that is happening and killing so many people in our society. It is our duties as friends to keep an eye out for one another.

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