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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Payroll To A Reputable Corporate Services In Singapore

Singapore company incorporation firms help companies manage their payroll more efficiently to ensure they meet legal requirements and foster employee satisfaction.

Managing a business in Singapore involves a sharper focus on the goals and targets that need to be accomplished to achieve success. Time and resources are of the essence, and a business owner should decide whether some aspects of business operations can be handled without compromising these two essentials. Processing payroll, for example, is one function that doesn’t have to be managed in house and can be outsourced to a competent incorporation services firm to save on time and money.

While it is the conventional practice to handle payroll in house, considering a professional services provider to take on this job is becoming more and more popular among business owners for the various advantages it offers. If you’re wondering how, read on and decide whether a Singapore corporate services company is a right fit for your organisation if you’re looking to make some changes to improve your business operations.

What Is An Incorporation Services Firm Anyway?

Company incorporation is primarily the forte of corporate services companies in Singapore. New entrants in the Lion City’s business community come to these services providers to help in business registration and other aspects of company formation to make sure the process is done with ease and efficiency, and that all regulatory requirements for incorporation are accomplished in compliance with the laws of the land.

Singapore company incorporation services firms, however, are more than just your go-to professionals for hassle-free company formation. These specialists likewise offer business financial services that aim to simplify and streamline business operations.

Some functions of a business, like payroll, can be outsourced to Singapore company incorporation firms to help you manage your company better and in a more efficient manner. These local companies are designed to cater to the business needs of today’s entrepreneurs so that running a company can be done smoothly and that your time and resources can be allocated to where it should be to grow your business.

5 Ways A Singapore Company Incorporation Firm Can Help In Handling Your Payroll Needs

Companies are used to having their payroll processed in house, thus hiring a Singapore corporate services firm to handle this business function is definitely a novel idea that should be explored and studied further by those who don’t feel completely comfortable in having such an important task be outsourced.

As you make your research about how these professional services providers can assist in handling your payroll requirements, take note of these advantages when you make your decision.

1. You avoid penalties

Businesses in Singapore are required by law to pay their employees their exact salaries within seven (7) days after the salary period ends. Pay for overtime pay, on the other hand, is required to be paid within fourteen (14) days after the salary period ends. If company doesn’t comply with these regulations as mandated by the Singapore Employment Act, it could face penalties or be held liable for violating corresponding provisions under the law.

Hiring a company incorporation firm to handle your payroll requirements lets you avoid offences that could come from non-compliance. These local companies are required to stay updated on the rules and regulations as well as any changes on payroll taxes. This means less or even no errors or omissions on computations and avoidance of late payroll tax filings.

2. Your payroll is efficiently processed 

Calculation of payroll taxes and filing of the right information should be done correctly. Corporate services providers in Singapore boast experienced payroll processing specialists who can perform the complex process of payroll tax and salary computations and filing of statutory employee-employer contributions with efficiency.

These payroll processing specialists have the necessary expertise and experience to undertake this task on time and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Employment Act. On top of this, local firms have the technology needed to implement payroll processing with ease. This means you don’t have to contend with learning the latest payroll software or struggle with understanding the latest tax tables, which in turn, can make your payroll processing run smoothly.

3. You cut on costs

Engaging the services of a local services provider to handle your payroll requirements is more cost-efficient than you may think. You can do away with direct labor so you can save on money that you may allocate for growing your business.

The expertise and experience of Singapore company incorporation firms in handling payroll processing cannot be underestimated. The comprehensive services they provide offer more value for money. Companies like Corporate Services Singapore, for example, offer an extensive portfolio of payroll processing services designed to enable accurate, efficient, and timely salary disbursement, payroll tax calculations, and filing of mandatory documents in adherence to your payroll policies and local labour laws.

4. Your payroll security is enhanced

Having a local firm handle your payroll requirements eliminates security risks such as embezzlement of funds or identity theft. A professional services provider safeguards your company from any type of payroll fraud.

5. You free up more time to run your business    

Hiring a company incorporation services firm to process your payroll lets you avoid the time-consuming process of payroll calculations by hand. Outsourcing this business function allows you to have more time to focus on pursuing more income-generating activities to grow your business. This increases your productivity at work.

Consider these benefits and check how they can be advantageous to your organisation in the long run. Remember that having an extra pair of hands to help manage and guide your business is always a good thing. A Singapore incorporation services firm might just be the perfect partner you need to efficiently handle your payroll needs while you concentrate more on steering your business towards the path of success.

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1 Comment

  1. Jackson

    October 12, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    I always had a concern with payroll. Now i got some useful tips reading this post. Thanks for sharing this post. Expecting more of these.

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