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5 of the Most Common Roofing Problems

Your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your house to repair if significant damage happens. The average person is now becoming more aware of the importance of regular roof checks and repairing minor problems.

This is why US roofing contractors alone are entering their fourth consecutive year of profitability, and a similar effect can be seen in Canada.

But what are the most common roofing problems you need to look for?

Leaks and Moisture 

Canada and the Northern US receives a lot of snow. Over time, leaks and moisture may form due to bad weather. The average cost of roof repair in the US is $814, but this average increases if you allow any problems to become worse.

If you don’t call a roofing contractor, these minor problems can soon lead to damage to your walls and floors. Parts of your house can even begin to see their structural integrities questioned. And this can cost thousands to repair.

Pooling Water

Have you noticed standing water on your roof?

This is a sign that you need to act fast. Roofs are installed to prevent this by design. Air conditioning units and large, uncleared snowfall can lead to pooling water.

Don’t just clear the standing water and carry on with your day. It means something is wrong with your roof.

A Lack of Ventilation

Ever wondered why attic spaces can be so stuffy?

It’s because there’s a lack of ventilation. There need to be vents somewhere in the roof, and this is what happens when poor quality contractors are allowed to work. They often forget about the need for ventilation and the homeowner doesn’t notice the problem for years.

It doesn’t require any changes to the actual roof but to the eaves at the base of the roof.

Punctures in the Roof 

The Canadian roofing industry generated $10 billion last year. Part of this was due to the bad weather seen across North America. Hail and wind are two of the biggest enemies of the average roof. Punctures can form in the roofing material itself.

This is especially the case around sealant and flashing, which is often used when things like an HVAC system is installed.

Little holes can also compromise the roof itself, so they need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Wear and Tear

The older your roof is without regular maintenance the higher the chance of problems later. This is probably the biggest enemy of roofs everywhere.

Every few years, you should be requesting an inspection. Don’t be reactive be proactive by looking for affordable roofers in Toronto now.

Your contractor may suggest preventative action to avoid problems in the future for a fraction of the price of roof repair.

Last Word – Solve Little Problems Early

Major disasters occur because little problems either aren’t noticed, or they’re ignored. It’s inevitable that your roof will experience damage over time. They’re designed to stand against the worst weather Mother Nature can throw their way.

But they require you to act. Get regular inspections every few years, or after significant weather events. The little you spend now will save you a lot later.

When was the last time your roof was inspected?

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