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5 Handy Technologies Teachers Can Use to Motivate Classroom

Technology plays an important role in education, just like in other industries. There are plenty of technologies and tools teachers can use to motivate students in the classroom. Here we find out some top technologies that you can use.

In today’s digital era, technology is being used almost everywhere. With time, technology is getting more advanced and  ERP kids adapt more quickly as compared to anyone else. Unlike teachers, kids are the wing in the digital world. Therefore, modern schools need to be equipped with the necessary tools that can help students grow. Technology plays an important role in education, just like in other industries.

The majority of the schools adopt free school ERP software to manage the school tasks efficiently. From tracking the attendance of the students to managing the subjects, you get a complete solution for your school tasks. But when it comes to classrooms, the majority of schools banned the use of technology like cell phones, the tablets, to make the students focus on the class lectures.

But do you know there are plenty of technologies and tools teachers can use to motivate the classroom? Instead of keeping away from technology, using it positively could motivate students to focus on the task. Let’s find out which technologies teachers can use to motivate students.

Digital Presentation

To motivate classroom the one of the effective handy technology teachers can use is Prezi. It is suitable for both students and teachers for creating interactive presentations. This is an application that is more effective, more persuasive, and more engaging compared to PowerPoint. Teachers can use digital presentation technology in the classroom to keep the students engage and motivated.

One of the biggest benefits of moving towards digital presentation is the perfection and grasp of the topic. This can also help teachers to know the students’ self-confidence level in the classroom.

Class Craft

For creating a more harmonized learning environment, and engaging and motivating students, the class craft is one of the best technology for teachers. This technology helps in engaging students in learning and building social and academic skills. Class craft provides a platform that helps teachers to motivate the classroom. The application is designed to provide educational games and activities that can stimulate young brains.


Students aged between 8 and 16 years are likely to be interested in games, arts, and making programs. Therefore, using scratch software could help teachers to motivate the classroom. Scratch provides a platform that helps students to create engaging projects, interactive arts, animations, etc. Scratch is one of the digital tools that need to be introduced in the classroom to motivate students.

Although this tool is specially designed for the age group between 8 to 16 years but can be used by anyone. Therefore, schools need to utilize the tool to enhance the performance of their students.

Classroom Software

Various companies like Ensuite bring software that helps students, parents, teachers, and management. The classroom software is designed to fill the communication gaps and enhance the performance of the students.


Nearpods are one of the best ways to make students’ discussions more engaging. For teachers, neared VR is one of the best solutions to explore 3D concepts. By subjects and grade level, 450 VR near pods tutorial is designed. This technology can be used by teachers to motivate the classroom.

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