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5 Design Ideas to Guide Your Social Media Posts

If your business is not on social media, you are late to one of the most exciting parties. Hopefully, you are not too late to still enjoy some action. To appreciate the reason social media matters to a marketer today, consider these numbers; 75% of male internet users and 83% of females are on Facebook. In total, Facebook boasts over 1.94 billion monthly active users (MAUs).

32% of teenagers are on Instagram and in total, this social network has over 500 million MAUs. Twitter boasts 328 million monthly active users while over 450 million users are on WhatsApp. Well, if these numbers don’t excite you as a marketer today, then you are in the wrong profession.

Leveraging the power of Social Media Numbers

It is high time you started leveraging social media networks to get your brand noticed. With billions of people using social media, there is no better place to grow your brand.

But there is a catch; social media networks initially started to connect family and friends. As such, the early adopters were individuals and you have to compete with them to get the attention of your target audience. The best way to compete against other brands is to create amazing designs for your social media posts. The fact that the best social media content is visual makes it easier for you to captivate your target audience.

Here are some tips you should consider when designing your social media posts:

1.       Choose the Right Brand Colors

There is a good reason feminine brands are marketed in pink while masculine brands love dark colors. It is all about the appeal and your target audience. If you want to appeal to the feminine customer, then go for warm and bright colors.

2.       Be Consistent

One great pitfall for most brands is the failure to have a consistent layout for their social media posts. If you want to win a loyal following, then make sure you use a layout design that is easily identifiable. Your layouts should be designed with a particular theme in mind. If you have problems coming up with a theme or the layout, your social media marketing experts at will beat hand to work with you and bring your ideas to life.

3.       Leverage Infographics

If you haven’t tried infographics on your website or blogs, then you are missing out big time. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools on social media. Publishers who use infographics experience higher traffic as internet users are looking for easier ways to access valuable information. The mix of texts, images and icons is perfect for easier communication.

4.       Use Background Images with Copy Space

By placing your background images on blank copy space,you will improve the legibility of your posts. Such images and texts stand out.

5.       Choose Font That Reflects The Message

The font used should reflect your brand identity as well. Playful cursive font, for instance, can be used for beauty products but for medical products, you need a more precise and serious-looking font.

There you have it; make sure you use your logo consistently, prioritize image over text, play around with filters that enhance brand identity, create visual posts around hashtag campaigns, and optimize your images for different social media networks.

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Barrack Diego is blogger and content writer who write many article on career, business, lifestyle and technology. He enjoy to read new thing on internet. He spend lot of time on social media. You can also find him on Twitter

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