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5 Concept Cars That Will Change The Face Of Driving!

There are several science fiction movies and books that take you in a world of fantasy. Shows like ‘The Jetsons’ and movies like ‘Back to the Future’ had us all excited about driving cool cars.

The stark reality is that the making and buying cars today is more about the finances than anything else. Moreover, car buyers are concerned about their carbon footprint, their budget, and their daily needs. These factors further reinforce the need for cars that are not only luxurious but are also functional and cost-effective.

While we have to be practical but that doesn’t mean we can’t fantasize to own some truly amazing cars someday. Recently, there are many technologists who proposed the idea of concept cars. From flying cars and hover boards, there are a number of concept cars that are going to revolutionize the future. Some of them deserve a mention here:

1. Splinter Or The Wooden Super Car

Joe Harmon Design and the North Carolina State University have collaborated to bring forward this unique model made almost entirely of wood. The dream of a wooden sports car was inspired by the renewability of this natural resource. It even has a better ratio of strength to weight than the conventional materials used to make cars.

2. The Smart Forjeremy’s Car

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott has a signature wing style, and he used it in something as practical as a car. Small and immensely beautiful, this little vehicle has an undeniably luxurious look. It is also good for those carbon-conscious users since it boasts an electric engine. It is just about road-worthy now, and an immense pleasure to drive.

3. The Eringo Ev

This little gizmo actually looks nothing like a real car. It’s more like a huge wheel hub, big enough for two. Designed by the Iranian CG artist Mohammed Ghezel, it looks a bit impartial at first sight. However, its electric motor drives three rings that go all round the ‘car’. Furthermore, a gyroscope and two side wheels serve to keep it steady, even while turning sharp corners.

4. Rinspeed’s Self-Driving Concept Car

The Swiss company Rinspeed recently unveiled a concept car that features self-driving. This is one direct prediction of the future that looks to be coming true. With self-driving cars, exhaustion, frustration, and road traffic could greatly decrease. The conceptualization of this car came from the same technology that powers drones now. It’s not too difficult to predict that self-driving cars would become a sought-after item by a wide consumer base. The same company is also looking towards developing cars that can run on land as well as underwater.

5. The Mercedes-Benz Biome

This concept car has a unique factor within its very making. It is actually grown from genetically modified seeds and fuelled by plant juice. Just how futuristic can one get? However, it’s still in the concept process.

The seeds produce the BioFibre, which is knitted to form the car. This may take years to make, but imagine how environmentally friendly its production might be!

Plus, the makers say that its emissions are nothing but oxygen. After it reaches the end of its tether, the material is easily recyclable as it is absorbed back into the ecosystem.

Wrapping Up…

While many of the cars listed and discussed above are only on paper, the ideas behind them are quite inspiring. What with our hybrid and electric cars today, who’s to say that a wooden or all-natural car won’t be possible tomorrow?

Striving for a better tomorrow seems to be the main reasoning behind these concept cars. Indeed, if they can become easily available and affordable, we might be taking a positive step in technological advancement.

Catherine Daisy is a Car Freak, Technology Junkie, and a Blogger. In addition, she also renders his services to students for getting assignment service uae. In her articles, she shares insights into the different facets of automobile technology and future of car designs.

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