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5 Challenging Network Security Problems & the Fixes

To cover some of the most common issues related to computer network security services as well as the solutions, which will promote using a highly trusted company.

Just about every company across all industries relies on computer networks in some way. But there has been a significant increase in the number of network security problems over the past few years.

The number of confirmed data breaches has nearly doubled from 2020 to 2021, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report. What is even more alarming to note is that the vast majority of the businesses were targeted for financial reasons. And according to IBM, data breach costs have grown by 10% – costing most companies millions of dollars.

This means that every single company is at risk of security issues that could potentially ruin their business. But oftentimes, companies make themselves even more vulnerable.

Let’s dive into the 5 most common network security problems companies face – as well as the solutions.

1. Non-Secure File Sharing Methods

Sharing data and files is essential for businesses, and most of it is done completely digitally.  Whether the files are emails with sensitive information or financial documents, companies need to be able to quickly and easily share files. This is even more significant these days as about 70% of employees are still operating remotely.

When non-secure methods are used, digital files can easily be intercepted and altered, deleted, or released. Using cloud-based storage systems like Google Drive or DropBox may be fine for most files, but any sensitive information needs added security.

One of the ideal solutions here is to use file-sharing software that has encryption built-in. You should also include additional security features, such as 2-step verification for sensitive files.

2. Insufficient Network Configurations

Most business owners don’t have any idea what type of network they need to set up for their company. Further, the network’s needs will change as your company grows. You may be fine with a smaller setup in the beginning, but it could slow down significantly as more employees are added to the network.

Companies need to have a proper infrastructure setup that supports their business and has built-in protection, such as IP addressing, network protocol, and VLAN configuration. The solution here is to hire a company that offers personalized computer network services based on your company’s needs.

IT professionals will assess your company’s requirements and facilitate wireless access point installation and configuration. They may also offer consulting services to find additional solutions, such as a cloud architecture for added security.

3. Inadequate IT Support

Tech issues are inevitable, and it’s important to have a tech expert on hand to troubleshoot when things go awry. But having an on-site IT team is simply not feasible for many businesses, especially smaller operations. However, IT support is necessary for network monitoring to pinpoint any suspicious activity related to network security.

Thankfully, remote IT support is a valid option for practically every type of business. They provide virtual computer network support with remote monitoring and troubleshooting. Most remote IT companies focus on network security and will alert you of any vulnerabilities.

4. Lack of Security Training and Account Misuse

The root cause of many security issues is actually internal – and primarily accidental. About 63% of cyber-attacks were originally caused by inside sources such as phishing scams, accidental leaks, or purposeful hacks.

Not all employees are going to be well-versed in computer network security protocol. It may be wise to add this into the onboarding process to teach practices like changing passwords frequently, spotting phishing scams, and how to install network protection.

5. Outdated Hardware and Misconfigurations     

The way that hackers are coming at companies is ever-changing. Hackers are finding new ways to get around firewalls and security measures every day. Businesses need to have resources available to ensure that their network is up to date and has the tools to protect and serve the company.

A common computer network issue that most businesses have is firewall misconfiguration. This little mistake is the cause of close to 99% of data breaches. Oftentimes, there are simply too many firewall issues for small teams to handle manually. This is especially true for organizations that use over 100 firewalls in their network.

The best way that businesses can increase their firewall protection is through automation to handle all security patches and updates.

The Wrap

Network security needs to be a top concern for businesses in the modern digital age. Hackers will target any business, regardless of its size, industry, and location. Unfortunately, this has been the demise of many businesses that could not recoup their losses after a network security breach.

Thankfully, there are feasible solutions to the most common network security issues companies face. But the best way to ensure that your company’s computer network is truly safe is to have experts on your side to monitor your system and enforce security protocols.

Written By

Brian Kozlosky, President/Founder of 2 Krew Security and Surveillance - headquartered in Kittanning, PA. With a Bachelor of Science from Slippery Rock University, I have 15+ years of experience operating a successful security and surveillance company. You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Thomas

    November 27, 2021 at 4:31 pm

    Hi Brian

    It still amaze me how many money that are spend on IT security systems and how little money that are spend on internal training of users.
    It is something that many companies tend to forget about. Not sure why.

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