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5 Benefits of Social Media Automation You Should Know

Social media automation is one of the mandatory rules when it comes to digital marketing nowadays. And there is a good reason for it: with so many social media networks available and the increasingly high number of information passing through them every second, it has become humanly impossible to keep up with all the daily tasks required.

However, nobody can deny the importance of being present on the very same social media channels, even on those that marketers are still trying to understand, such as Pinterest and Reddit, and it has been creating a situation hard to manage even by a team. That is to say that making some of your social media marketing activities automatic can bring you several benefits as you will see in the sequence.

But, can social media automation damage my reputation and ruin the quality of my content?

Yes, it can. Many people who consider adopting social media automation fear that it will make their posts sound like written by a robot, or that they will lack interactivity.

But trying to create and post a high volume of content on several networks every day can have the same effect. You will be tired, and your works won’t be any poetic. The system also won’t write anything for you, just help you to schedule them in advance and get repetitive tasks done. Plus, as you can imagine, it isn’t the automation itself that can be prejudicial, but how you use it.

Now that you have clear in your mind let’s analyze the benefits of social media automation to your online business.

# 1 – It takes repetitive tasks out of the table

I am sure that there are tasks related to your social media management that are extremely repetitive to the point of becoming annoying. You might share a tweet every Tuesday morning with curated content, for instance. Or a “happy weekend” message every Friday afternoon.

If so, there is no reason why you can’t prepare it in advance and let it scheduled to be automatically posted when you find it more convenient. The rule here is simple: if you don’t have to think much while you are doing it, you can make it automatic.

# 2 – It allows you post in any chosen time

Let’s say that your goal is to post twice per day, seven days per week, on each one of the five social media networks where you have a profile/page. And that the best time to post considering your target audience is 6 am and 7 pm. What are you going to do? Wake up earlier? Work until later? Be online every single weekend, holidays and Christmas included?

In a globalised and high-tech world, in which your customers can be everywhere and connected any time of the day, being able to schedule your social media posts might be the only way to ensure that you and your team will have a healthy life. So be good to yourself and don’t add unnecessary stress to your working day by using automation to schedule your posts.

# 3 – It creates routine

Believe it or not, we all like some level of routine in our lives. It is proven to decrease the levels of anxiety as it allows you to know what is coming next. Same way, your customers will be much happier when they know for sure when to expect news from you. It will help them to get their own day organised as well.

And social media automation is the best way to give a perfect rhythm to your online posting, as any service provider will give you all the tools you need to do it and to check if you haven’t made any mistake. And it will certainly improve the way your fans and followers see your content.

# 4 – It lets you free for planning

When you make a good number of your tasks automatic, it certainly saves you time. And these hours that you will have in your hands from now on can be better used for planning your social media marketing. Your mind will be more rested and ready to give you better and fresh ideas so to improve your strategy and increase your number of followers and fans, and their interaction with your networks.

The opportunity to allow you to think creatively is one of the most important benefits of any effective marketing strategy, and so it should be of your social media marketing plan. Copying, pasting, and scheduling a post can be done by any machine. But analysing data, understanding what your customer need and finding out the best, simpler and sweeter way to deliver it through a few words and an image, only you can. But you will need to have the time and the peace of mind to come up with it – and here is where automation will make a difference in your life.

# 5 – It lets you free to interact

As mentioned above, social media automation will give you more free time that you can use in more relevant tasks. But it is not only planning that you can do during your extra hours. You will also be able to dedicate yourself to all those comments left on your social media networks and answer them directly instead of copying and pasting saved replies.

You will have the time to analyse each one of them, truly understand and connect with them, so you can get the same level of understanding and connection back – you can’t possibly expect that your clients will engage with your brand if you aren’t honestly engaged with them in the first place, can you?

The Bottom Line

Social media automation has much more to offer you regarding benefits that you might be aware. It will get all those repetitive tasks done for you, make sure that your posts arrive at the right time, and create a routine that will make your customers proud of you.

More than anything, it will let you free to analyse your reports, create improvement solutions, and plan the best way to implement them. In other words, it will let the machines do what they do best, and allow you to show off all those human capabilities that no AI has been able to beat so far.

Written By

Jonathan Emmen – is a passionate blogger from Copenhagen and regular contributor for different educational and entertainment blogs. His articles relate to the marketing sphere and development of writing skills.

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