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5 Automotive Modifications that are Worth the Money

If you are planning on adding some modifications to your precious car, then you will surely find this article a worthwhile read. You see, there are so many kinds of automotive upgrades and modifications that one will surely have a hard time on deciding which upgrade kit to get and what will improve the whole driving experience aside from the aesthetics it provides. Unless you want to be called a “ricer” – which is the street term for car owners who modify their car too much to the point that the whole thing appears exaggerated, then here are 5 automotive modifications and upgrades that are surely worth it.

1.  Tires, Wheels, and Rims

Even if with top-notch driving skills, you won’t be able to bring out and maximize the potential of your car if don’t have a high-quality set of tires. Thus, tire upgrades should always be on your priority list if you are planning on modifying your car. Furthermore, if you are living in a country with snow, then having a separate set of tires for the winter and snow season is ideal. You can also buy a stylish rim to add more style and flavors to your tires. You will be amazed how a simple change of rims can bring about a great change and impact on the overall look of your car.

2. Shock absorbers

To add more comfort to the whole driving experience, investing on a high-quality shock absorber will do the trick. Shock absorbers as the name implies absorbs the impact on the road and helps keep your tires glued on the road. With a good set of shock absorbers, you won’t need to worry about heads bumping with the car roof whenever you reach humps or big rocks on the road.

3. Spoilers

One of the most visually striking mods that you can get for your car is a spoiler. A spoiler is attached somewhere on the back portion of your car that gives the car an edgier and finished look. For “ricers”, spoilers are only there to add visual appeal, however, for real car enthusiasts; spoilers can greatly affect the performance of the car via aerodynamics. A well-thought spoiler will reduce air resistance which will make the car accelerate faster or be able to provide additional air resistance to improve the cornering capabilities of a car.

4. Interior

Modifying the interior of your can cost you zero to a few hundred bucks. If you are a minimalist that likes to keep things simple, then stripping down your car seats to its original leather and removing the extra carpets will provide that raw and simple look. It will also add more lighting to your interior and reduce the weight.

On the other hand, if you have some extra cash, then buying a racing seat with a harness which will surely secure your body as you speed up or brake at sudden corners will be worth the cash.

5. Headlights, Fog lights

One of the most playable parts in cars is the headlights. There are so many designs to choose from with different price ranges. However, despite the variety in choices, always make sure that before you get those led demon eyes for your headlights, make sure that it will be able to provide you with enough illumination and brightness during the night.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Heathfield

    March 23, 2018 at 9:32 am

    Great. Thanks for sharing. We can use second-hand car parts to save money when planning to modify an old car.

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