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4  Legit Ways To Get CS: GO Skins For Free

Everyone knows the name of the best shooter in the world – this is, of course, CS: GO. Its release happened on August 21, 2012 – 10 years ago. It’s hard to believe that for the past ten years, players have been playing the game every day, and every day they are getting more and more interested in it.

All this is due to the constant improvement of the game and the fact that the developers add attractive elements to the game. More precisely, these are items – skins that motivate every player to play better because they all have a goal – to get the best and most expensive skin.

What are Skins in CS:GO & How do They Work?

In 2013, the game gained completely new momentum and was at its peak of popularity in the same year. After all, it was then that skins appeared in the game. All CS: GO skins are decorative items for weapons, knives, and gloves. They do not affect the characteristics of the weapon in any way; they have a completely different function.

First of all, they are designed to make your weapons look stunning during the game. But their primary purpose is to earn money for the players. After all, rare skin will help bring the owner a considerable profit from the sale, and the buyers can get the item that they have been dreaming about for so long.

Legit Methods To Get Free CS:GO Skins

Although this is not so often, sometimes it happens that a player wants to buy CS: GO skins online but does not have enough funds or does not want to spend a lot of money, especially if they are a novice player. In this case, various legal methods of obtaining CS: GO skins online come to the rescue. Let’s take a closer look at some ways that guarantee you getting the long-awaited skin.

Get Free CS:GO Skins Through Paid Surveys

It is one of the most popular ways to get a free CS: GO skin. You can find a considerable number of such sites, but you should check them carefully before you start. Their principle of operation is quite simple; all you need is to complete various tasks.

For completed tasks, you get points, which you eventually exchange for the skin. For example, you can earn points for watching a video, completing a survey, or completing any other simple task. This method is straightforward and fast; it will take you just a few minutes. You should take into account that you will receive a skin the value of which is equal to your efforts, meaning, it can be an inexpensive skin.

Get Free CS:GO Skins by Playing the Game

This method is considered one of the most reliable and effective in getting free CS: GO skins. It is dedicated for the reason that you are guaranteed to get the skin by a proven method, and you do not need to spend a lot of effort and time on different checks. And it can be called effective because you will play more and, therefore, practice more.

Getting free skin can improve your game a lot. Another advantage is an increase in the ability to get expensive skins. Although this is really rare, there is a chance to get good skins from a case. So the rule is simple – play!

Get Free CS:GO Skins Through Operations

Periodically, new updates appear in the game and often with the new operations. And it means that you have another chance to get something new. To participate in the operation and in order to complete missions, you must make a small contribution. It is an excellent investment in your future winnings and gaming experience. Completing the mission, you will collect stars, which you can exchange for a case or a skin you like. It is a great and quite exciting way to get CS: GO skins online.

Get Free CS:GO Skins Through Authorized Third Party Platforms

After the appearance of skins, third-party platforms began to gain popularity on which you can make deals on buying and selling skins or cases. There are also sites where you can not only buy unique cases but also have a chance to get CS:GO daily free skins. It becomes possible due to the fact that some of these sites give generous gifts to their users, for example, for active use of the site or participation in various events. Although you won’t gain experience, you can make opening cases and getting skins much more enjoyable.

Other ways

We have named the most popular and used methods of receiving free CS: GO skins. But there are also others, such as getting skins for registration or performing simple actions on gambling sites. You can also participate in various drawings.

These methods are used sparingly. You can also exchange skins with other players; although this may not always bring an additional fee, but you get an excellent opportunity to pick up a new skin.

To Sum Up!

The conclusion is simple – even if you need more money to buy new skins, you can always use these methods. Although the chances of you getting an expensive skin among all CS: GO skins are tiny, you will still become the owner of a NEW skin for your inventory. Moreover, you have the opportunity to receive skins not only periodically but you can also receive CS: GO daily free skins.

Radosław Davidović is Hellcase’s customer success manager. He enjoys blogging to share his knowledge and experience with customers.

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